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AN eNd tO stICky


there are times when you need to do a blood test but you know your hands aren’t

clean enough. if contaminated by some foods, your blood test will read higher than it

should leading to a false result, which could lead to the wrong treatment, like an extra

dose of insulin. these individually wrapped sterile cleansing Wipes from accu-chek

come in packs of ten. Packs cost under £1.50 and are available from boots.

dIABetIC jeWellery

kirsty Pryer was diagnosed with t1 only a year ago and she says,

“it was certainly a big change to have to watch what i was eating

and drinking, and to inject insulin up to 4 times daily. one of my

concerns after diagnosis was the risk of being unwell and people not

being aware of my condition. i had a look at the available medical

iD jewellery but i wanted something that was more feminine and

discreet, but that would be functional in a time of need.”

so she made some bracelets and phone charms for myself then

turned it into an online business. all of her bracelets are unique,

handcrafted and fun, fashionable and funky as well as affordable.


sometimes we do have to take measures to keep our insulin

cool. maybe not in our daily lives, but if you’re planning a trip

to the australian outback, then you need to think about getting

some serious kit to make sure your insulin does not overheat and

become inactive, risking your trip ending up with you in serious

need of replacement insulin and wrecking all your other plans.

be prepared with this excellent little cool box. it can plug into an

electricity socket or a car charger.


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