blood test meters and blood testing


Meters putting data at your fingertips..

Accu-Chek Expert Contour USB

the accu-chek expert meter gives you bayer’s contour next usb is a blood test meter that

colour graphs right on- sticks straight into your Pc. if you’re using it on-the-go,

screen. you can then you can still view the colour screen to see

glance at it at graphs of your results. however, plug it in to

any time, to see your Pc (where it will simultaneously recharge),

how your data is and you can view the data onscreen and save

building up. you and send to whomever you want to share it with.

can also download

and view it on your

computer screen,

giving you much iBGStar

greater space to view the ibgstar straddles the space between

your results in graphic being a blood test meter and an app, sort of

formats. a companion to all doing both at the same time. use it to blood

accu-chek meters (and test – plug it into the bottom of your iPhone

by default, the accu- and test, and the results go straight into the

chek combo pump) is the app, the results being viewable on screen.

accu-chek 360 software for expert or

mobile blood glucose systems.

Mendor Discreet Verio iQ

taking the approach of a neat, pocket-sized featuring a high and low pattern messenger, the Verio Patternalert

all-in-one meter, it plugs into a computer technology tells you if there is a pattern developing with either

and uploads all data to mendor’s website high or low readings. see the patterns on colour screen and view

where you can track trends using software them immediately or review them later. there’s a tagging function,

called ‘balance’, (below) a next-generation reminders, 750-test memory (downloadable via usb) and you

web-based software application that aids only need a ‘speck’ of blood, which can be applied to either side

the analysis of results encouraging users of the strip -- handy for left or right-handers.

to conduct meaningful instead of random

measurements. it easily shows the effects

of a change in therapy or daily routine.

Freestyle Insulinx

this comes with auto assist software that helps

you consult, analyze and evaluate your blood

tests allowing effective management of diabetes

through reports and reminder messages. the

automatic log book replaces a paper diary and

the touch-screen is a nice touch too! it’s easy to

use with an insulin dose advisor also onboard.


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