Carb counting for the diabetic diet


rown n many places Less known is that they can be made both of which are vital to human health.

around the world, into solvents, oils and textile materials and Low magnesium levels are associated

these nifty little nuts get can be found as an ingredient in cosmetics, with illnesses like asthma, osteoporosis

called everything from plastics, dyes and paints. the oilcake and even diabetes, while low phosphorus

ground nuts to monkey meal residue from oil processing is used can lead to muscle and neurological

nuts and pig nuts but are in fact legumes as an animal feed and as a soil fertilizer. dysfunction. they have no trans-fats

– in other words a fruit or seed. they’ve Low-grade peanuts are also widely sold or sodium, and are about 25% protein

been eaten pretty much since the dawn as a garden bird feed. beyond the nuts and have a high fibre content. Wonder

of time -- archeologists have dated the themselves, peanut plant tops can also be nuts indeed, peanuts are even used to

oldest specimens found to about 7,600 used for hay. help fight malnutrition. There are brands

years ago, found in Peru. the peanut of high-protein, high-energy and high-

was introduced to china by Portuguese The full nut nutrient peanut-based pastes developed

traders in the 17th century, and they When it comes to carbohydrates, a serving to be used as a therapeutic food to relieve

became popular in many chinese dishes of 100g (3.5oz) is 20g of carbs – and nearly famine.

and across asia. china is now the world’s 50g of fat. so you need to be counting these

biggest grower of the crop, producing in your diet, and ditto any peanut butter

about 40% of the world’s supply of you might be spreading on your sarnies or

peanuts. using in cookie baking. Peanuts are rich in (continued over)

Peanuts are a big crop because they nutrients being a good source of niacin – as

have many uses. they can be eaten raw much as 82% of your recommended Daily

as well used in cooking for both sweet allowance (rDa). niacin contributes to brain

and savory dishes, as well as being the health and blood flow. Then there’s folic acid

basis for peanut butter and peanut butter (62% rDa, also known as water-soluble b9

sandwiches. which helps prevent anaemia and reduces

simple salted peanuts are usually the risk of both strokes and

roasted in oil before being packaged and depression. there’s

available as a fast snack. Peanuts are also magnesium

often a major ingredient in mixed nuts (52% rDa) and

because of their relative cost compared phosphorous

to other nuts such as brazil nuts, cashews (48% rDa),

or walnuts.

Smooth or crunchy?

Peanut butter has a high protein content

so is seen as nutricious by helping you

feel fuller for longer. it resists spoiling for

long periods of time, so most homes have

a jar on a shelf somewhere.

Peanut oil is often used in cooking,

because it has a mild flavor and due to

its high monounsaturated content, it is

considered more healthy than saturated

oils. Like peanut butter lasting for ages

on a shelf, peanut oil takes a long time

before it turns rancid. Peanut oil comes

in diffferent varietes like extra virgin, cold

pressed peanut oil and peanut extract.

It’s also possible to make peanut flour

which is gluten-free, and you can also get

peanut milk.


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