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dry eye CAses set tO rIse

it is estimated that as the average life of the oily as well as the

expectancy rises, cases of dry eyes watery portion of the tear

will increase. milind Pande (pictured) is fluid decreases, resulting in

medical Director and consultant eye dry eyes. it’s is a commonly

surgeon at Vision surgery & research misdiagnosed condition,

centre in humberside and a past common in people with

President of uk & ireland society of diabetes, and it is critical to

cataract & refractive surgeons. he is not get an expert assessment

surprised by the study as he too is seeing if anyone has a chronic red

more and more patients, especially sore eye.”

those over 50, who are suffering with dry Dry eyes affects as many

eyes: "the condition of 'dry eye' means as one in three of us and is

that the normal tear film lubricating of a year-round problem. in winter central balanced diet with lots of omega 3 and 6

the eye is not functioning adequately heating and in summer air conditioning fatty acids, cleaning the eyelids and using

and the surface of the eye is rough and use and warmer temperatures can moistening eye drops regularly are helpful

inflamed, leading to a scratchy, dry and exacerbate this condition. Pande in alleviating dry eye symptoms. if your

uncomfortable feeling as the eyes can suggests that sufferers of mild dry eye will dry eye is becoming persistent it is wise

no longer wet and lubricate themselves find it helpful to keep the eyes hydrated to see your doctor and ask for an expert

properly. as people age, the production and moist. "Drinking lots of water, eating a assessment by an ophthalmologist."

dIABetes & OBesIty tzAr fOOt WOrk

Dr Jonathan Valabhji (pictured) has been appointed the new stem cell research may take a step

new national clinical Director for obesity and diabetes toward preventing amputations in people

for england. karen addington, chief executive of with diabetes, according to a new study

JDrf, commented on the appointment on behalf of the from the national university of ireland,

diabetes charity saying: “Dr Valabhji’s background as a galway, which appeared in Diabetes, the

clinician specialising in diabetes is particularly welcome. American Diabetes Association’s official

it means we can be hopeful that he will not allow the journal. its research revealed that the use

uk’s response to diabetes to be disproportionately of adult stem cells has shown promising

dominated by the anti-obesity agenda. the anti-obesity results in the treatment of diabetic

agenda risks clouding the crucial fact that for many wounds such as foot ulcers, one of the

thousands of people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, primary causes of amputation. the study

lifestyle was not an influencing factor. A focus on obesity was led by Dr. aonghus o’Loughlin of

supports a ‘blame culture’, and undermines efforts to develop better treatment and molecular medicine ireland and Professor

ultimately cure the conditions.” timothy o’brien at national university of

type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition and is not caused by lifestyle factors ireland galway and galway university

such as diet and exercise. type 2 diabetes is sometimes linked to diet and exercise – but hospitals. a portion of the funding

not always. says addington, “the need for the uk to tackle its obesity problem must required for clinical trials has been

not obscure the equal need for the government to back greater investment in research provided by Diabetes ireland.

to cure, prevent and develop better treatment for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.” Reported by Brenda Neugent, Diabetes Health,



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