Diabetes management apps

2-3 in the future but using no more blood

tests than normal. It delivers the benefits

of an insulin pump without the pump,

integrating data from multiple diabetes

devices in real time ‘in the cloud.’

Virtual reality

Working as a ‘virtual insulin pump’, it

provides carb-counting, an online bolus

Wizard, different time period rates for

target bgLs, as well as insulin:carb ratios

while also keeping track of active insulin

to prevent ‘stacking’. it gives precise,

actionable information about highs and

Lows and how to fix them, such as “Take

three jelly beans now, and then have

17grams carbohydrate because there is

still 1.3 units of active insulin.”

managebgL.com provides real-time

sharing of data between parents, school

and doctors. Data from multiple diabetic

devices is integrated in the cloud. a series

of graphs show exactly how insulin and

carbohydrates interact, making life easier

for new diabetics and old ones alike.

normal diabetic statistics like weight,

ketones, hba1cs, blood pressure,

exercise and stress can also be logged.

managebgL.com provides extensive

reports, as well as maintaining a central

record of emergency contact information.

managebgL.com provides intelligent

coaching, with suggestions and warnings

the main thing when it comes to data The screenshot (above) is

based on bgL readings, linked to online

is to overcome your worries and concerns

references. it can import data from any

and start doing it. once you get used to from the ManageBGL app

meter, pump or management system,

designed to run on Windows and mac

downloading your data and your doubts and showing various aspects

reservations will be minimised. you might

Pcs, iPads, iPods, and iPhone and any

even start enjoying working out patterns of down-loaded data.

smart Phone, and has special layouts for

and sorting out solutions for yourself.

iPhone. it can also export data back to any

knowledge is, afterall, power. so grab that

management system. an open aPi allows

meter and download that data!

diabetic device from any manufacturer to

See next page for some nifty meters.

push data into the system.

continued over


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