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The Royal College of Physicians (RCP)

has recently announced the winners of

its Excellence in Patient Care Awards

2020. Colleagues at the Association of

British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD) led

by Dr Emma Wilmot have won the digital

award for the Flash Glucose Collaboration

between ABCD, the Diabetes Technology

Network UK and NHS England.

The RCP award recognises and

rewards the use of new or existing

technologies or digitally-driven projects

that have contributed to significant

improvements in patient care or health

outcomes. Prize money has been

donated to Life for a Child Spare a Rose

campaign, which gives insulin to children

in need across the globe.

See the video series here:

Dexcom and Ypsomed have announced

a partnership to drive the development of

a hybrid closed loop system, an important

milestone in the further development of

individualised diabetes therapy. In a first

step, CGM data from Dexcom will be

integrated into Ypsomed's mylife app.

The partnership means the full integration

of glucose values from Dexcom's

G6 sensors into Ypsomed's therapy

management solution.

Users of Dexcom CGM and the mylife

(sic) YpsoPump insulin pump can expect

all therapy-relevant data in the mylife app

on their smartphone. Also, every five

minutes, the CGM sensor will send the

current glucose values to the mylife app,

where the current glucose reading and

trend graph will be displayed. The mylife

app will alert its users when glucose values

are too high or too low. Configuration and

sensor settings will be available directly in

the mylife app and users will be able to

send their CGM and insulin pump data

wirelessly from the mylife app to the mylife

cloud and share it with their diabetes team

or caregivers.

The integration is expected to be

available in late 2020 / early 2021 in

Europe, by a simple update of the mylife

app and no need to replace the current

insulin pump.

Integrating Dexcom CGM data is a

significant step forward in Ypsomed's

mylife loop program. The goal of the

program is a modular and therefore

customizable diabetes therapy system

with an insulin pump completely

controllable via the smartphone, and the

future option of adding a hybrid closed

loop feature powered by the Dexcom

TypeZero algorithm. The smartphone

approach enables feature-upgrades

without the need to exchange the insulin

pump hardware.



A campaign group has urged that a

powerful, industry-funded group is

playing an "outsized role" in steering

the development of new US dietary

guidelines and must have its influence

curbed to protect public health. Corporate

Accountability published a report to

coincide with Coca-Cola's annual meeting

of shareholders. It noted that over half of

people appointed to the US 2020 Dietary

Guidelines Advisory Committee had ties

to the International Life Sciences Institute

(ILSI). Its funders include Coke and other

global corporations. The report found

that across Latin America, ILSI also has a

strong influence in stifling progress to curb

obesity, diabetes, and other diet-related


"It's time for Coke to put something

more on ice than its soft drinks," said

Corporate Accountability Research

Director Ashka Naik, co-author of the

report. "Coke is telling investors it cares

about public health on the one hand,

but funds ILSI to block public health

safeguards on the other. Its misleading of

investors and consumers is a liability that

will only grow."

Read the report HERE.

Nominations for Quality in Care (QiC)

Diabetes awards are now open.

If you know of someone who's doing

a great job in the arena of diabetes

care, maybe you can get someone the

recognition they deserve. Categories you

can nominate in are Diabetes Professional

of the Year; Outstanding Educator in

Diabetes and The People's Award.

The People's Award, supported by

Diabetes UK, recognises an individual

who has supported/cared for people with

diabetes. It will be presented to someone

who is based in the UK or Ireland and

is not a healthcare professional. It can

be anyone that you think deserves this

recognition, such as a carer, volunteer, a

person with diabetes, diabetes blogger

and/or writer, family member.

The closing date is 2 July 2020, while

the awards ceremony is due to take place

at Sanofi's Reading headquarters on 15

October 2020.

Find out more, including how to

nominate at



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