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Insulet has won FDA clearance to market

its Omnipod Dash alternate controllerenabled (ACE) infusion pump as an

integrated insulin pump.

The American company received

FDA clearance for the Omnipod Dash in

June 2018 and launched the device in

early 2019. The latest indication states

that the pump can reliably and securely

communicate with compatible devices.

The Omnipod system is a continuous

insulin delivery system designed with a

tubeless, waterproof, Bluetooth-enabled

pod capable of holding up to 200 units

of U-100 insulin and a touch-screen

personal diabetes manager to control the


Insulet's President and CEO Shacey

Petrovic commented, "The diabetes

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Obesity is not a choice, and making

people feel ashamed only makes them feel

worse, according to top psychologists.

The British Psychological Society

report, covered by BBC News, calls for

changes in language to reduce stigma

- for example, saying, "a person with

obesity" rather than an "obese person"

- and that health professionals should

be trained to talk about weight loss more


Obesity levels rose by 18% in England

between 2005 and 2017 and similarly in

Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

This means just over one in four UK

adults is obese, while nearly two-thirds

are overweight or obese. According to

the report, these increases cannot be

explained by a sudden loss of motivation

and "is not simply down to an individual's

lack of willpower".

"The people who are most likely to be

an unhealthy weight are those who have

a high genetic risk of developing obesity


industry is a dynamic and evolving

landscape with technological and

regulatory advancements enabling more

interoperability and more patient choice

in treatments and disease management.

Omnipod Dash was designed with

interoperability in mind, and we're thrilled

to provide people with diabetes the choice

and flexibility to manage their diabetes on

their own terms. We commend the FDA's

interoperability efforts and look forward to

working with the agency as we continue

to deliver our robust innovation pipeline."

Last month, Insulet launched of the

Omnipod Display and Omnipod View

apps in the iOS app store to go along with

the Omnipod device.

As reported by Sean Whooley for

Drug Delivery Business.

and whose lives are also shaped by work,

school, and social environments that

promote overeating and inactivity," it says.

"People who live in deprived areas

often experience high levels of stress with

fewer opportunities and incentives for

physical activity and options for accessing

affordable healthy food are limited."

In addition, stress caused by fatshaming -

being made to feel bad about

one's weight - by public health campaigns,

GPs, nurses, and policymakers, often

leads to increased eating and more

weight gain.

The report recommends that the

government approach obesity the same

way as smoking. British Psychological

Society Chief Executive Sarb Bajwa

said: "It has taken action at all levels for

decades, from government policy to

helping individual smokers, but we are

now seeing significant reductions in the

level of smoking and the health problems

it causes.

A study looking at peer support among

adults with Type 2 diabetes - how to run

them effectively, and how to ensure peer

support facilitators receive the training and

support they need - has found several key

themes to ensure their success.

Dr Holman and colleagues from

The University of Sheffield conducted

the qualitative study as part of a more

extensive study - the Randomised

controlled trial of Peer Support In Type 2

Diabetes (RAPSID), held in East England.

Adults with Type 2 diabetes attended a

two-day training programme to become

peer support facilitators. The facilitators

then ran their own peer support groups,

aiming to meet every month for six

months. Altogether, 106 people trained

to be facilitators, 652 participants

engaged in support, and there were 65

peer support groups. Study nurses met

with the facilitators monthly and provided

support as needed.

The researchers analysed the data

and found seven key themes including

issues around setting up and running

groups; characteristics of both facilitators

and peers; group dynamics, topics

covered; and sustaining and ending the

peer support.

The authors found that groups

that worked well were organised and

encouraged people to share experiences

and had a supportive and friendly

atmosphere. They suggest that outlining

what peer support is (and is not) needs to

be emphasised in training programmes,

and (assuming that groups will not

continue indefinitely) there should be a

plan for how to end groups appropriately.

The findings may be helpful for people

interested in facilitating Type 2 diabetes

peer support groups in the future.

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