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Input Fusion attendee Mohammed

Zulfiqar explained how he felt after

spending the day at the event saying,

"My daughter has been diagnosed

with Type 1 diabetes - she's only three

years old. As the diagnosis was quite

recent, I understand there is a lot to

learn. This event gave me an insight

to the possibilities out there in terms of

managing T1D. It was really useful and

has changed my perception of ways to

live with diabetes, what is available in the

modern world for handling the condition.

It's given me some hope that we, as a

collective force, are getting closer to

practically curing this condition. With the

advancements in technology with devices

such as Dexcom's G6 the management

of T1D has been revolutionised. I am

open to all kind of information regarding

T1D and look forward to attending more

events like this."


Mohammed Fazal Zulfiqar (right) attended INPUT: FUSION with his

younger brother Izhaar The event was held at the grounds of BCFC.

my symptoms. My mother had Type I

diabetes herself, so she knew the drill. I

was going to the loo all the time and was

lethargic and quiet, which is very unusual

for me as I am usually pretty hyperactive.

She tested my blood glucose, told me

everything was okay, then took me off to

Warwick Hospital. At the hospital I was

told to take no sugar and asked to induce

a hypo in auditor see what they were like

and know how to handle them."

NASA space rockets

He looks back and says amusingly, "In

those days, the lancets were huge -- like

NASA space rockets, test strips were

enormous; it really was quite a painful

experience. Insulin pumps were not even

dreamed of then. I was drawing up insulin

into syringe and knocking the bubbles

out. I figured out, 'I have to deal with this,

this is my life, life is not fair, you have to

deal with the cards you're dealt.' Over

time, blood test meters improved hugely,

the Exacttech meter looked cool was

sleek and affordable. If I had to test, then

it was much better that it was cool to use.

"I did a lot of sport, keeping hypo

treatments with me with a blood test kit

to hand. My dad used to stand on the

sidelines with the test kit and a bottle of

Lucozade. When I went on insulin pen,

it was even better. Things were really

beginning to look up. Later, and rather

unhelpfully, I went through a phase of 'I

am not a diabetic.' Testing was too much

of a faff - I had to stop what I was doing,

take it all out, do it, wait for a result for

what seemed like an age.

"Living with Type I is hard. CGM was

unheard of back then. The first pumps

were the size of backpacks. When I was

a junior pro footballer other players and

coaches were actually pretty interested.

The legend at the time was the footballer

Gary Mabbutt, who was diagnosed

and told he could not play football. He


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