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Likewise, T1Ds who need to blood

test in order to see what the insulin they

have injected is up to already get what

their supplies for free on the NHS, so

there's little need for them to pay for a


It seems quite common that people

who have Type 2 diabetes feel they would

like to give blood testing a try to see if they

find it useful. But then they find that they

do not necessarily qualify for this on the

NHS. Maybe at that point they might wish

to give the subscription route a try.

Food education

For someone with Type 2, even if the

medications they are on do not put them

at risk of hypos, blood testing can still have

value. It will undoubtedly help anyone to

understand how certain foods affect their

blood glucose therefore self-monitoring

of blood glucose can be a useful learning

tool, really helping to motivate them to

get to grips with healthier eating. More

research is needed as to whom might

benefit the most, but the number of test

strips sold on Diabetes UK's shop is

testament to the amount of people who

do not qualify for access to test strips via

the NHS but buy them as needed.

A couple of options for subscriptions

services in the UK are available from One

Drop and Type2Testing. The former offers

a choice of three different subscription

levels based on how many times you test

per day and you get access to a personal

diabetes coach who will work with you via

an app on your phone and design a plan

to help you reach all your health goals.

There are also other education

packages which you can buy separately,

such as Advanced Carb Counting (£40) or

overcoming Diabetes Burnout (£50).

The latter, a collaboration between

GlucoRx and Diabetes Digital Media (who

also run gives you

a monthly delivery at £10 a month (£8

a month if you pay annually). The meter

and lancets are free but you get 400 test

strips per 3-months and it comes with a

structured testing plan.

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