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London-based raw fermented foods start-up, Bottlebrush Ferments has been named

among the top food producers in the UK this year, picking up a highly prized 3-star

Great Taste award for its "vibrant, crunchy and balanced kimchi", The Red One, along

with a 1-star Great Taste award for its "showstopping

sauerkraut", known as The Yellow One. Packed with

fresh Chinese cabbage, mooli, carrot, spring onion, garlic

and chilli, all selected for their natural health properties

and naturally fermented using pink Himalayan rock salt,

The Red One was commended for its "mouth filling heat,

supple vegetables and funky complexity". The Yellow

One impressed with its "eye catching colour" from

"comforting and warming turmeric", which is added to

white cabbage, pineapple and fresh ginger, then naturally

fermented in pink Himalayan rock salt. Sunshine yellow

in tribute to Australia's beaches, this sauerkraut is "subtle

and smooth" with "bite, balance and beauty", bringing

together the sourness of a classic sauerkraut with a

summertime twist. Rich in gut friendly enzymes and probiotics, which feed the gut's

microbiome, as well as vitamins and minerals, The Red One and The Yellow One are an

immune boosting accompaniment to dishes whether dolloped on a burger, scattered

over seafood or served with salad. Both are available from Whole Foods Market and

Planet Organic, from £5.50.



Home SW15, in Putney, won

one of this year's Good Food

Guide's awards as Best Local

Restaurant London. The

restaurants owners, Craig

Gordon and Head Chef Freddie

Fallon, attribute this success

to their focus on hospitality,

friendliness and great food and

drink. The team has created

a consistently welcoming

environment, as well as one of

the best weekend brunches in London. The Good Food Guide's entry for Home SW15

praises the restaurant, stating that 'service is enthusiastic and engaging', and 'the kitchen

is noted for generosity and boldness.'

If you prefer a curry or want food news from north of Watford, see our feature

Curried Away on p.32.


Sproud is a group of entrepreneurs based

in Malmö in south Sweden, a progressive

city where many food, health and lifestyle

trends are started and whose inhabitants

have a shared passion for innovative

environmentally friendly food and drink.

The company states that it strives to make

foods and proteins that are nutritious,

healthy and delicious. Sproud Pea Milk is

a plant-based product powered by peas.

It's as white as milk but a is better for

you and for the planet. Sproud Pea Milk

Original Drink doesn't contain lactose,

soy, nuts or gluten and it's also GMOfree.

A vegan alternative to milk that has

a minimal carbon footprint. Per 100ml:

34 calories, 2g protein, 2g fat, 2g carbs

(60% less than cow's milk) plus Vitamin

D 20% (20% of your recommended daily

amount), Riboflavin 15%, Vitamin B12

15%, calcium 15%* (as much as cow's







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