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Together JDRF and INPUT are linking world-class research

with expertise in diabetes technology access in order to

tackle individual, local and national access issues as well as

help more people gain access to diabetes technology, both

now and in the future.


intervention, I say that all Type I diabetes

control is off label by default. We are

always having to make judgements and

do things as we go along. It is down to

us whether we change our infusion sites

every three days, change or needles or

lancets per injection or finger prick. No

one does that, do they? We're all off label

in terms of not doing exactly what we're

told to do."

Manufacturers are very (and of

necessity) risk averse. But Slowey argues,

"We take risks every day, it is a matter

of how much risk. And it's our choice.

It comes down to what level of risk are

you prepared to take. You could argue

that DIY APS is less of a risk, because

you get better control. We are enabling

ourselves with real-time data. It makes

the triangle between blood test, decision

and enactment, in terms of an injection

or bolus."

Nor do you need to go the whole hog

and do DIY APS. You do not have to

our lives with diabetes easier? Let's

build it now! If it's good, it spreads. If it's

rubbish, it doesn't. Some people always

want to tinker, it's just inside us."

Looking back on his conversion to

pump therapy a year ago, Slowly says,

"I went from multiple daily injections to

fully settled on a pump within two weeks,

which is pretty quick. Soon after that I

started to 'loop', in other words, I made

my pump and CGM work together as a

DIY APS and I've never looked back."

Slowey is careful to point out that,

"This is only my story ¬- my view and

experience. Some people go into what

you might call 'extreme DIY', where they

cut open devices and fiddle with things,

like replacing batteries, or re-engineering

to make it rechargeable, extending the

life of sensors and so on. Clearly that

makes the new device 'off label' - it is

no longer the responsibility of the original

manufacturer that made it because

has been fiddled with and therefore

compromised. Having said that, in terms

of risking your control with this kind of

is no longer just been gathered, you are

able to harvest it and share it. Then you

can use data insights to help adapt your

treatment. Data can be converted into

visuals by the apps in order to help you

gain insights. You can analyse it to make

things like basal rate changes.

Slowey says, "As an example, a kid

could have a Libre with a Miao Miao, have

CGM software on his smartphone through

which he can share data with his parents.

On Apple it's called Spike, on Android it's

Tomato or X-Drip. Another example is

Dexcom via Bluetooth into a smartphone,

these then push the data to a NightScout

site which allows the information to be

shared with as many people as you like,

instantly. You can also generate reports

directly in the site which is very useful with

talking with your doctor say, since it saves

having to do any uploads as it's always


Make it yourself

Explains Slowey, "The DIY community

simply says, what do we want to make continued over


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