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Dexcom G6 below left, the nextgeneration

G7 on the right.



Looking to the future with Dexcom's President Kevin Sayer.

By Sue Marshall.



met with Dexcom's President

Kevin Sayer earlier this year to

talk about the coming Dexcom

G7 product which is due

become available in the UK

next year. It will supersede the current

Dexcom G6 CGM sensor. But more than

an upgrade, the entire marketplace is

also changing with 'interoperability' being

the new paradigm - bits of kit 'talking' to

each other, meters and sensors sending

data to either insulin pumps, apps (or

both) and even to the Cloud where it can

be seen by HCPs or other carers. We

started off talking about the trend towards

interoperable devices.

"Dexcom CGM sensors already talk to

more pumps than ever before," Sayer told

me. "The current Dexcom transmitter can

speak to two other devices at the same

time. Very few products can do that at

the moment. But, while sharing sounds

lovely, we also have to run our companies

well in order to stay in business and keep

our products out there. We have spent

millions on development of our products

to be sure they work and are easy to use."

Kevin Sayer, President Dexcom Inc

I mentioned that JDRF is pushing

for wide capabilities for interoperable

devices but asked Sayer, on a practical

level, how will that work? "One problem

with interoperability is, what if something

goes wrong? If there is a chain of product

suppliers even up to the phones where

apps are hosted. Somewhere in all that will

be a need for legal agreements. Ultimately

someone has to be responsible. We want

to get there, but it's not easy."

Getting connected

In our meeting I stated that Dexcom

seems to be on a roll, with no signs of

stopping as uptake of its CGM sensors

grows. I asked, what does Sayer see as

the opportunities for interoperability? He

confirmed, "Our sales have doubled in

the last two years which is a big jump.

People rely on our sensors for their health

and well-being. What we've done is bring

data to the fore, making it accessible for

users to see on apps, smartphones and

smart watches. If other devices are doing

a similar thing, such as the soon-to-beavailable connected insulin pens, then the

user can get data on insulin delivery that

goes into an app. Data going into an app

from a CGM then can take into account

such as 'insulin on board'. Then both

sets of data can go up to the Cloud so

that GPs other healthcare professionals,

partners, parents or carers can see it if


Connected pens have been the

'missing link' for many years as the insulin

suppliers are relatively speaking slow to

change. The best that the roughly 80%

continued over


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