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Compared to other

products the accuracy

of the Solo system

has been tested and

shown to be the

most consistent and

accurate tubeless

pump for basal and

bolus insulin delivery. -

Professor Nick Oliver


ABOVE: Accu-Chek Solo Micropump system worn on the back of an

arm. RIGHT: The micropump (H6cm, W4cm, D1cm) with the PDM.

translucent baseplate, the cannula itself

and the insulin reservoir. The system has

durable components too, such as the

reusable base and the separate handheld

PDM. With insertion being less complex

than with other pumps and, having no

tubing, the Solo is ideal for children, the

very active or the old and frail as it is

simply easy to use.

Anyone with sense would want to

know about the accuracy of dosing

from any pump device. Says Oliver,

"The accuracy of dosing and the results

of the subsequent control are vital for

user acceptance and may be a factor

that is extremely important in pump

choice. Compared to other products

the accuracy of the Solo system has

been tested and shown to be the the

most consistent and accurate tubeless

pump for basl and bolus insulin delivery*.

Another parameter that has been studied

in pumps - particularly patch pumps - is

the detection of occlusions. Again, against

competitor products Solo rated highly." ***

The PRO Solo Study is currently

running across Europe in four countries

and which should deliver more evidence

within the next few months, once the

results have been studied. In this study

the outcome is not solely a reduced

HbA1c result, but user acceptance. Adds

Oliver, "Choice itself matters to the people

who have to use these devices. Ease of

use, a lack of tubing, good results in terms

of control, it will be great to see what the

study confirms."

Micro control

Looking to the future Dr Oliver says,

"Patch pumps or - or micro pumps - are

discreet, arguably much more discreet

than 'tubed' pumps. They are also

increasingly connected to other diabetes

management devices, other CGMs and

apps, which reduces the burden of manual

inputting of data tracking ups, downs

and overall control. They can potentially




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