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Meet others with Type 1 diabetes, chat with

people with similar interests, share what

works for you, and exchange ideas at this

event hosted by diabetes charity Input. It

is on 2 June 10am - 4pm at the London

Irish Centre NW1. The day will include an

opening address by the Grumpy Pumper

and a keynote talk by Professor John

Pickup, nick-named the 'father of insulin

pumps', as well as a research update by

Dr Monika Reddy from Imperial College

London on its BiAP and CGM microneedles

projects. There will be small group sessions

on access to insulin pump therapy, CGM

and Flash glucose monitoring. It should be a

day of fun, socialising, sharing and learning

with an exhibition at lunchtime. Registration

fee of £10 per person which will be refunded

as long as you turn up! Includes lunch and

refreshments (gluten-free and vegetarian

options will be available). Expect to see your

refund within a few days after 2nd June.


ViaCyte, a beta cell technology company

funded by JDRF, has been awarded a

Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR)

Phase II Award from the National Institute of

Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

(NIDDK) to support the further development

of its work. In the Phase II effort, ViaCyte

will continue research into stem cell-derived

beta cells for the treatment of T1D.

JDRF, which has funded beta cell

replacement research since 2004, when

ViaCyte was known as CyThera, says:

"Initially, we wanted to look for ways to

derive a stem cell line capable of giving

rise to several different cell types. One

of which, developed by ViaCyte, is

termed CyT49. JDRF also funded

the preclinical and clinical studies of

ViaCyte's PEC-01, which is designed

to mature into islet tissue in humans,

including glucose-responsive insulinsecreting

beta cells. JDRF celebrates

this new line of funding for ViaCyte,

which may lead to commercialisation of

this innovative technology."

According to JDRF, "The shortage of

donor beta cells and the need for strong

immunosuppressive drugs to prevent cell

destruction make beta cell transplantation

an impractical solution for most people.

JDRF is heeding the call, developing

beta cell replacement technologies that

are capable of restoring glucose control

and delivering long-term independence

without suppressing the body's immune

system. ViaCyte is moving another step

forward in the development of their

system, and the technology will hopefully

be approved in coming years."

Six-in-ten people would be more

likely to buy food from an eating

establishment that provided traffic light

labelling on menus and packaging, a

poll from Diabetes UK has revealed. The

survey of 2,121 UK adults, carried out

by ComRes showed that the majority

of the UK public's spending habits

eating outside the home might be

positively influenced by how easily they

understand what is in the food and drink

they're buying. The majority said they

were more likely to buy from an eating

establishment where calorie labelling on

food menus/ packaging was available.

The findings come from Diabetes

UK's Food Upfront campaign, which is

calling on the Government to commit

to introducing mandatory front-of-pack

traffic light labelling to all pre-packaged

food and drinks, and urge medium-tolarge food establishments to provide

customers with calorie information on

their menus with additional nutritional

information, such as carb content,

available online or when asked in store.

The findings shed light on how the

availability of clear labelling on food and

drink could considerably influence the

spending habits of the British public.

You can sign up to join the campaign!



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