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Based in the USA, Pocketinner Wear

looks at all kinds of ways to make fashion

friendly insulin pump pouches and clothing

including an insulin pump garter and sleep

solutions for pump wearers. There are

shirts with pockets for the insulin pumps,

pump clothing and fashion-friendly insulin

pump pouches. They say that these can

change your whole view of your day with

diabetes. Laurel Bloomfield, who runs

Pocketinner Wear, says, "I do not have

diabetes, nor anyone in my family, but after

designing similar pockets for smartphones,

we saw someone carry an insulin pump

and realized we could help. We hope we

make it easier to live with diabetes on a

daily basis. Shipping to the UK is $14.99

(first class shipping).




A report investigating the screen habits

of adults in the UK asked them how long

they spent looking at computers, tablets

and smartphones. The report showed the

average person picks up their smartphone

up to 20 times a day, spend 7-8 hours a

day on a computer, two hours watching

TV, plus another two hours on a tablet,

which all tots up to around 12 hours of

'on-screen' time every day. As many as

47% of those polled said the first thing

they do when they wake up is jump on

their phone, while 20% said they even

look at their phone while eating. The new

UK research, which was commissioned by

The Eye Doctor, a medical device to treat

dry eyes, found that people would rather

give up guilty pleasures like chocolate, sex,

fast food, and alcohol rather than part with

their smartphones. Ophthalmologist Dr

Colin Parsole says, "As well as affecting

every area of our lives from mental health

to family life, our survey shows that screentime is

also having a definite impact on our

eye health."

More than 40% of those polled

admitted to reoccurring dry, tired eyes.

Parsloe adds, "We need to blink to refresh

our tears once every 10 seconds. When

you read a computer screen, your blink

rate reduces - some people may only

blink after two minutes! Just as we care

for our skin and teeth daily, we need to

introduce a regular health care routine for

our eye sight. The simplest way to do this

is every 20 minutes, focus your eyes 20

feet away from the screen for 20 seconds

to relax the eye and encourage blinking.

Build in daily, gentle eyelid massage to

encourage healthy oil production by the

meibomian glands, and eating a diet rich

in omega-3 essential fatty acids from oily

fish also benefit oil consistency. Use a

hot compress therapy such as The Eye

Doctor, a microwaveable and reusable

hot eye compress to provide relief from

irritated, dry and sore eyes." The Eye

Doctor RRP £19.95.



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