Professor Katherine Barnard, psychologist, diabetes, KALMOD



Matching care to the individual to make the most of diabetes

interventions (as well as your time spent in waiting rooms).


rofessor Katharine

Barnard, Chartered

Health Psychologist,

is a founder of BHR

Ltd, 'translating

clinical research into quality of life'. She

specializes in the psychosocial impact

and management of diabetes and has

published more than 170 scientific articles

in academic journals.

Barnard has specific expertise in

the facilitators and barriers to optimal

glycaemic control and quality of life for

people living with diabetes.

Along with Dr Ralph Ziegler and others

she has developed a personal health

system called KALMOD. This is a tool that

would be used by people with diabetes

and their healthcare professionals in

routine outpatient consultations.

Based on the Kaleidoscope Model of

Care*, the KALMOD tool focuses in on

the aspects of diabetes self-management

that each person needs the most support

with at the time of their consultation. Says

Barnard, "It is a tool that can be used in

a dynamic way that addresses not only

the medical aspects but also the nonmedical factors that impact on diabetes

care. By presenting HCPs with priorities

that people with diabetes have identified

for themselves using the tool, it helps

HCPs to provide personalised support to

meet the unique needs of each person."

The way it works is that the person

with diabetes completes a brief online

questionnaire (securely hosted) that

assesses how they feel about a range

of factors that can impact positively

or negatively on their diabetes selfmanagement. These assessments are

then presented in easy-to-use results.

Barnard points out, "When anyone

approaches new therapy or technology

there are expectations both on behalf of

the individual, their family and the their

HCPs that it will work. Yet this doesn't

always happen, resulting in frustration,

feelings of failure and despair and poorer

outcomes, with 70% of adults not reaching

their HbA1c targets in the UK. All of these


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