diabetic footcare



eeping your feet healthy

helps them look good

and feel good as you

dust off your sandals

and flipflops. There is

plenty you can do to look after your feet

on a daily basis.

Allpresan Diabetic Foam Cream from

GlucoRx is medically proven to be used

safely on dry or cracked skin on the entire

foot by anyone with diabetes offering

protection from heel to toe. Richard

Lane, the former president of Diabetes

UK charity, replaced his usual cream with

Allpresan for six months. Speaking of his

experience, he said: "I can honestly say

that I have noticed a distinct improvement

in my feet in that they are not nearly as

dry as they have historically been. It is the

best, most effective cream that I have ever

used." £4.99 for 35ml.

Diabetic feet are different because of

the possibility that they have developed

diabetic neuropathy, which leads to less

effective sweat glands. Diabetics with

neuropathy are eleven times more at risk

of ulceration if callused skin is present on

the foot. Ulcers are serious and difficult to

treat. Dermatonics Once Heel Balm has

been specifically designed to address

calloused skin with visible results in just 24

hours and ongoing treatment of a once-aday application.

As many as 99% of those

on a trial found all dry skin was removed

after 8 days, while 9 out of 10 people love

the smell! NICE Guidance NG19 says that

every diabetic with callused skin on a foot

is entitled to a free prescription to treat the

skin as callused skin is listed by NG19 as

a risk factor for ulceration, so GPs can

prescribe a cream indicated to remove

callus. In many cases this will only happen

if the patients are sufficiently 'in the know'

to ask for it. £5.99 for 75ml.

Scholl can help take care of 'sensitive'

soles and support the natural alignment of

your feet with Scholl Orthaheel Sensitive

Feet orthotic. Made using unique

Glidesoft technology, designed to absorb

friction when walking, thereby reducing

the risk of ulceration. The technology

consists of six different layers, each hand

stitched with a silk-rubber band to allow

movement within each layer. The orthotic

also alleviates many aches and pains in

the foot and ankle by realigning the foot

to its natural angle and redistributing the

pressure across the whole of the foot,

providing additional foot comfort. Prices

vary, but expect to pay around £20.

People tend to think about their feet

more in the summer because they're on

show more. Scholl's Toe Nail Conditioner

for dry, brittle or flaky nails increases the

hydration and hence the flexibility of nails

(from £4.99 from chemists).

If you feet are a bit whiffy, it's because

your feet have around 250, 00 sweat

glands. Natural foot bacteria plus hot,

sweaty shoes can lead to strong scents!

Odor-Eaters Sport Foot and Shoe Spray

should help. £3.69 (150ml) from Boots

and other retailers. Speaking of sports,

the other thing that might affect your feet,

specifically in between your toes, is what's

commonly known as athletes foot. This is

a fungal infection and it won't clear up by

itself. So if you get red, flaky skin that's

itchy, try Daktarin Aktiv Spray Powder

£4.39 for 100g.


www.dermatonics.co.uk www.scholl.co.uk

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