Accu-Chek Mobile blood glucose system

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Stay safe, keep your licence and be in control.

Licence to drive.


Because you need to get behind the wheel,

testing needs to be fast and easy.

There must be a better way

" I like being out and about, I like meeting the people in the town

where I live. Life would be miserable if I couldn't use my car."

Alan, Accu-Chek Mobile user

* Always stop at a safe place to test, never perform blood glucose tests while driving.

There's no denying it, if you

need to test your blood

glucose to comply with the

DVLA guidelines1, it can

sometimes be a bit of a


Testing before you set out

and finding a suitable time

and place to stop and test

your blood glucose every

2 hours*, can be tricky.

But knowing when your blood

glucose is in a healthy range,

and when it is not, can help

you to know when you

need to take action to get

back in the driving seat.

By spending more time in

range, you'll be able to stay

safe and get back on the

road. Because life is mobile,

and so are your needs.

Unlike conventional blood

glucose monitoring systems,

the Accu-Chek Mobile meter

doesn't use individual test strips

and you don't need to dispose

of your lancet every time

you test. No more awkward

moments spilling test strips

all over the passenger seat or

fiddling with separate lancets:

the all-in-one system uses a

cassette containing 50 tests

and the integrated fingerpricker takes

a user-friendly

drum containing 6 lancets.

Distinctly you...

Having a blood glucose meter that fits your needs, lifestyle and preference is

something you should be able to discuss with your Healthcare team to make sure you

can get the most out of self-monitoring.



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