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Melon soup (serves 2)


• 1 Melon

• 2 Oranges

• Handful of mint

• Lavender flowers (optional)

• 1 small cucumber (optional)

CARB COUNT: Weigh the melon flesh

to get the carb content and add in one

orange-worth of juice per serving. Carb

content will vary slightly according to

which melon variety is used, roughly 10g

carbs per 100g melon.



Taking only ten minutes to make, and

needing no cooking, one melon will make

this summer soup for two people.

Take a ripe galia or honeydew melon,

split in half and scoop out the seeds.

Then scoop out the flesh of the melon,

roughly chop this and add to a food

processor. Reserve the melon husk to

use as a serving bowl for the soupt.

Take two oranges and squeeze out

the juice and add to the melon in the

processor. Add diced cucumber (if using).

Whizz the melon flesh and orange juice

until smooth. Pour back into the bowls.

Can serve with thin slices of parma ham,

and a shake of lavender flower heads or

just sprinkle over 2 tbsp chopped fresh


The type of melon used will give the

colour to the soup.

Based on a recipe by James Tanner



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