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Diabetes UK has introduced a new tool

for healthcare professionals to support

people with diabetes who may be feeling

emotionally low or depressed. The Mood

Information Prescription helps generate

a structured conversation between a

healthcare professional and a person with

diabetes who may be experiencing anxiety.

The one-page document aims to enable

a person with diabetes to talk about how

they feel, manage their diabetes well and

find practical ways to feel more positive

about living with their condition.

Depression is twice as common in

people with diabetes, yet less than one in

four people with diabetes have access to

appropriate emotional and psychological

support. Depression may be triggered

by the impact of being newly diagnosed

with diabetes, the daily responsibility of

managing the condition and/or the fear of

complications caused by diabetes.

Dr Paul Newman, who is a Diabetes

In an article for PM Live, Phil Taylor reports

that Sanofi has agrees €250m diabetes

deal with AI firm Exscientia. Sanofi wants

the Dundee University spin-off to discover

and develop double-headed (bispecific)

small-molecule drugs that have potential to

treat metabolic diseases, with a particular

emphasis on finding therapies for diabetes.

In another article, Taylor writes,

"Sanofi's biosimilar version of Eli Lilly's

mealtime insulin product Humalog has

been recommended for approval in

the EU, raising the prospect of further

pressure on Lilly's top-selling product.

The Committee for Medicinal Products for

Human Use (CHMP) gave the go-ahead for

Sanofi's version of insulin lispro - the active

ingredient in Humalog - as well as three

other biosimilars at its monthly meeting late

last week.The recommendation is sweet

for Sanofi giving it an opportunity to turn

the tables on Lilly, which recently bagged

approval for its biosimilar of Sanofi's longacting insulin blockbuster Lantus (insulin

glargine) in Europe and the US."

Taking place 3 June at Impact Hub Birmingham, 10am - 4pm, INPUT Fusion is aimed

at adults* with type 1 diabetes (*teens with type 1 diabetes aged 13-18 are welcome if

accompanied by a responsible adult). The event is a chance to meet up with other Type 1

diabetics, chat with people with similar interests, share what works for you, and exchange

ideas. The day will include presentations on access to insulin pump therapy, access to

CGM, a research update by JDRF and small discussion groups where you can choose the

subjects that interest you and discuss them with fellow diabetes. You can expect a day

of fun, socialising, sharing and learning. There will be an exhibition at lunchtime that will

include information from diabetes technology companies and diabetes charities. Confirmed

exhibitors to date: Abbott, Advanced Therapeutics, Animas, Cellnovo, Dexcom, Medtrum,

Roche, JDRF, T1International, and Action4Diabetes. A registration fee of £10 per person

includes lunch and refreshments. To register for the event click HERE.


For a copy of the updated NICE Guidelines

for Type 2 diabetes, click HERE.

UK Clinical Champion, has been

successfully prescribing the Diabetes and

Mood Information Prescription' during

its pilot phase and has found it to be a

useful tool to guide conversations with

patients relating to emotional issues and

managing their condition. He says, "Mood

information prescriptions are breaking

down the barriers and acting as a very

effective conduit in allowing patients to

discuss their feelings. This is leading to

treatment of their low mood, often for the

first time."

The Diabetes and Mood Information

Prescription has been developed in

collaboration with people with Type 1

and Type 2 diabetes and Health Care

Professionals including psychologists and

a psychiatrist.

For more information and to view

the Diabetes and Mood Information

Prescription go to:








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