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The Kaleido insulin

pump from ViCentra

was awarded Bronze

in the category 'Best

visual identity from

the healthcare and


sector' at the annual

Transform Awards

Europe. Established

in 2009, the awards

recognise excellence

in brand development,

rebranding and the

journeys that brands

make. Now covering

Europe, Asia-Pacific,

the Middle East and

North America, they

have evolved into

a celebration of the

indispensable talent

that exists within the

branding sphere.

Judged this year by

a panel of leading

industry experts, the awards recognised Kaleido for its outstanding

creative ability, strategic thought and development of a captivating

brand that aims to help people with diabetes live life on their own


Amy Oakes, Head of Creative Engagement at ViCentra

commented, "We've worked hard to create a brand that works for

people who live with Type 1 diabetes - listening to and collaborating

with them to shake things up in the diabetes industry. Kaleido is

about far more than stunning visuals, it's about how we make

people feel, allowing those who use Kaleido to take control and

make the choices that are right for them, bringing personality to a

therapy that has previously been overcomplicated, time-consuming

and uninspiring."

London-based design agency Nalla worked with the ViCentra

team to create Kaleido's strategic brand positioning, naming and

visual identities. Jonny Davidson, Senior Designer at Nalla, added,

"It's so refreshing to work on a truly innovative product and forwardthinking company.

They shared our passion for challenging the

status quo."

Read more in our Pump Update Feature on p.



An 8-day fundraising cycle challenge across the Italian

Alps from 15-22 July 2017. A number of Type 1 diabetics

signed up. Monies raised to go to charity Action4Diabetics

If there are any keen cyclists places are still available.

Cycle Challenge.


Peter Davies has been living with Type 1 diabetes for 60

years. At present he is training for a high-altitude trek in

Peru in June to celebrate the fact and to raise money for

JDRF. If you would like to support him, follow the link to

his Just Giving page. Pete in Peru.


Biopharmaceutical company Intarcia has submitted

its implantable Type 2 diabetes therapy to the FDA

for approval. The device (a 'mini pump') continuously

delivers GLP-1 agonist for 3-6 months. An FDA decision

is expected by the end of 2017. Implantable.


ViaCyte encapsulation clinical trial site has expanded into

Canada. JDRF-funded researcher, Dr. James Shapiro

will be the lead investigator at the Canadian site. The

trial, called STEP ONE, (Safety, Tolerability and Efficacy

of VC-01 Combination Product in Type One Diabetes)

utilizes PEC-01 pancreatic progenitor cells and the

proprietary Encaptra drug delivery system which is

designed to protect the transplanted cells from a patient's

immune system. Dave Prowten, President and CEO,

JDRF Canada, comments, "The outcome of this trial

could transform the daily regimen and lifestyle for T1D

patients. Imagine being able to avoid dangerous blood

sugar highs and lows without monitoring your blood

glucose or taking insulin injections." First Steps.



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