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Dry skin is a common problem for people

with diabetes. An estimated 80% of

people with the condition may have

skin problems resulting from high blood

sugar levels reducing the skin's ability to

store moisture. Creams can often cause

accumulation of moisture, so people with

diabetes were previously advised not to

use them between toes as this would

increase the risk of infection. Allpresans

BarrioExpert Foam Cream Technology

from GlucoRx protects against infections

and other problems by repairing and

strengthening the damaged skin barrier.

The cream is absorbed rapidly without

greasy residue and are suitable for

sensitive skin being free from artificial

fragrances, colourants or preservatives.

Tips to keep your feet healthy include

developing a daily routine to wash and

moisturise your feet to keep them clean,

and fight cracks or dryness; wearing the

right socks and shoes, and never going

barefoot; getting your feet checked every

year to understand your risk score and

learn how to look after your skin.

Speak to your healthcare professional

about this product or buy from


SkinTac is an adhesive barrier wipe renowned for its bonding qualities between tape

and skin. If you are having issues with sensors sliding off, or infusion sets coming loose,

SkinTac could be the solution. Tapes adhere better with SkinTac wipes, which are latex

free. The hypo-allergenic adhesive comes in the form of convenient wipes. This effective

skin barrier reduces skin irritation for users of CGM sensors. Available at £19.95 for a

box of 50 sachets from Advanced Therapeutics.

Injections have become one of the most

common healthcare procedures across

the world, with more than 16 billion

treatments estimated to be given via

injections each year. With this treatment

method growing in popularity, the risk

of needle stick injury to both end-user

and healthcare worker has escalated.

Legislation states that the next generation

of syringes must, therefore, have an

emphasis on patient safety and efficacy

of injection delivery. Owen Mumford has

responded to this changing market need

through the development of UniSafe, a

springless, passive safety device designed

to work with existing, pre-fillable syringes.

UniSafe has recently been assessed

by an independent research house to

analyse the usability of the device. The

study found that 88% of nurses and 75%

of patients agreed that the additional grip

of the device raised confidence there

would be little risk of slipping during

administration. As many as 94% of nurses

agreed it was easy to view medication

before delivering the dose, and 89%

of patients agreed that UniSafe made it

easier to determine that all the dose had

been delivered.

Owen Mumford Unisafe


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