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GPs and practice nurses across the

country may be able to improve care

for thousands of patients with Type 2

diabetes, thanks to a partnership between

Diabetes UK and EMIS Health that has

lead to the development of information

prescriptions. These alert clinicians to key

information on their patients' condition

during consultations and give patients

the tailored information they need to

self-manage at home. Clinicians say the

system is helping to improve care and

empower patients.

Dr Naresh Kanumilli, Diabetes UK Clinical

Champion and GP says, "The information

prescriptions give quality, evidencebased, consistent and appropriate


for each person with diabetes. In addition,

they serve as an effective tool to prompt all

clinicians during consultations, to include

those not specifically related to diabetes,

to discuss any concerns with them."

Practice nurse Nicola Milne from

Northenden Group Practice who currently

manages almost 700 patients with Type

2 diabetes says, "It is fantastic to be

able to have a tool that gives patients

accurate information on their condition,

alongside an easy to understand graphic

of what could happen if their condition

isn't managed well. In addition, the

information prescription gives the person

with diabetes the information and advice

to self-manage their condition and set

goals, which we can discuss together.

Presenting it as written information, with

the backing of Diabetes UK, gives it added

credibility and the link to the Diabetes UK

website is also included so it opens up

a wealth of information to patients. The

information prescriptions help patients

to better understand their condition and

actively manage it."


We haven't just given the old site a new

lick of paint or updated a few image files,

quite the contrary; we used an intelligent

design with the latest technology focusing

on the user journey. The result? A site

compatible with today's browsers and

mobile devices that we hope increases

the online conversations around diabetes

and diabetes research!

The new responsive website has

improved navigation and usability

throughout, allowing you to access

information about diabetes. With the

added option of sharing news and events

across all the key social networking sites.

We want to help people with diabetes,

their friends and families to understand

the condition and to keep them informed

of activities they can get involved with to

support DRWF and the larger diabetes

community. The new site includes

extensive information to assist across all

of these objectives.


Eli Lilly has decided to terminate

its partnership with Adocia for the

development of BioChaperone Lispro, an

ultra-rapid insulin for diabetes.

Despite results from 6 clinical studies

indicating that Adocia's ultra-rapid insulin

performs better than Eli Lilly's Humalog,

the big American pharma has decided

to terminate its collaboration with the

French biotech. As part of this licensing

partnership, Eli Lilly had already paid more

than €56M ($60M) during development,

but the rights will now get back to the

biotech at no cost.


Gérard Soula, CEO of Adocia,

expressed surprise and disappointment

saying, "We are convinced that

BioChaperone Lispro can improve the

lives of people with diabetes. Adocia

will continue to prepare launch of Phase

III clinical trials while looking for a new


The product in question uses Adocia's

Biochaperone technology, which in the

case of insulin, makes absorption faster,

which improves the level of control patients

with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes have

over their blood sugar.


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