Agamatrix Wavesense Jazz Wireless, blood test meter and app


of Virginia. To date, this technology has

been used in more than 28 clinical studies

involving more than 475 participants, with

data referenced in a number of journal


Bigfoot Biomedical was founded by

people affected by and living with Type

1 Diabetes (T1D) and is committed to

leveraging data, people, and smart

technology to create a connected

ecosystem of solutions that will deliver

improved outcomes valued by patients,

providers, and payers. A clinical trial of

its Smartloop automated insulin delivery

system was started in summer 2016 and

has subsequently received funding from

JDRF and . The trial used proprietary

closed loop algorithms utilizing Bigfoot's

cloud-connected insulin delivery system

and incorporates Dexcom technology in

the loop.

"Life with T1D using today's tools is

unreasonable," says Bigfoot's founder

and CEO Jeffrey Brewer, "Therapies are

too expensive, too complex, and require

intense focus and attention with little

support. Also, healthcare providers are

overwhelmed, with too many hurdles

blocking them from helping their patients.

The Smartloop automated insulin delivery

system has the potential to change

people's lives. It is designed to deliver

better health with greater ease of use,

making life simpler for both the patient and

the clinicians who treat them, ultimately

lowering cost of treatment."

Insulet Corporation, the company

behind the Omnipod tubeless insulin

pump technology, announced a year ago

(Feb 2016) that it had entered a license

agreement and partnership with Mode

AGC (Automated Glucose Control), to

develop and incorporate the advanced

artificial pancreas algorithm created by

researchers Francis Doyle PhD, Eyal

Dassau PhD, and Howard Zisser MD. This

alliance moves forward Insulet's mission

to improve the quality of life for individuals

with insulin-dependent diabetes.

Insulet's artificial pancreas system

will use the innovative and differentiated

Omnipod platform, the latest Dexcom

CGM technology and the algorithm

licensed from Mode AGC. The algorithm

was created by Drs. Doyle, Dassau

and Zisser during their tenure at the

University of California, Santa Barbara,


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