Making Carbs Count pseudograins


Pseudograins are seeds and grasses that commonly (but mistakenly)

get categorized as grains. Here we look at a few of them.



Most of us would

think these

ingredients were

simply another

cereal grain, but

in fact while they are similar in appearance

and are used in a similar way, there are

some significant and helpful aspects to


Marni Wasserman, writing for foodie

website Chatelaine, explains, "These

'superfood' seeds are known to be

extremely high in protein, fibre and are

low-glycaemic carbohydrates. They are

also bursting with vitamins and minerals

like calcium, iron and magnesium. They

are all gluten-free and easy to digest,

absorb and assimilate. These are some

pseudo grains you could add to your diet.

As you will see these grain-like seeds are

extremely versatile, offering an array of

diverse nutrition. Many of them may be

new to your pantry, but I encourage you

to give one or all of them a try!"

Amaranth: The seed of a plant from

Central America. It has a nutty flavour and

combines well with other grains. Health

benefits: Higher in protein than many

other grains, it's also high in the essential

amino acid lysine, often hard to find in

plant-based foods. Amaranth is a good

source of calcium and iron, important

for bone health as well as being high in

potassium, phosphorous and Vitamins

A, E and C. Finally, it's also filled with

essential oils that help lower hypertension,


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