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Tesco has launched the UK's first ever

range of mushrooms which are grown

in extra light to naturally enhance their

vitamin D levels, so that they are more

similar to wild outdoor grown varieties.

Mushrooms contain a substance called

ergosterol which allows them to naturally

make vitamin D when they are exposed to

light. The launch of the new range includes

Chestnut, Baby Chestnut and Portobello

mushrooms. Recent reports by health

experts express concerns that people

do not get enough vitamin D during the

darker winter months. The vitamin is

naturally created in our bodies when

exposed to sunshine, hence the lack of

it in the darker months.The mushrooms

are grown exclusively for Tesco by

Monaghan Mushrooms who are based in

the Republic of Ireland. The mushrooms

are clearly marked with a sticker that they

are enriched with vitamin D.

The latest launch from one of the UK's

most familiar honey brand contains all the

natural goodness of Rowse Honey but

in convenient 15g, single serve sachets.

Snap & Squeeze contains 100% pure

and natural honey and can be used

to give yourself a quick fix if your blood

sugar is going low, snap open to dispense

the honey, with no mess. Rowse Honey

Snap & Squeeze RRP £2.59 with 8x 15g

sachets per box.

Available from supermarkets and

Three years ago Alix

Avery, a product

designer and yo-yo

dieter, had a 'lightbulb'


Having wanted to

change her eating

habits permanentl,

she'd had some

hypnotherapy and

the words 'your

stomach is the

size of an orange'

stayed with her. She

wanted to control her

portion size easily,

without weighing and

counting calories yet

still eat the food her

family enjoyed. Hence

the Full Stop Bowl was born. Dishwasher safe and microwavable, the plastic bowl is

stomach-shaped, as a visual reminder of the amount you should eat at mealtimes. You

can fill it with the food the rest of the family is eating. It is recommended that you allow

20 minutes to eat your food, giving your brain enough time to recognise that you are

full. Many people eat too much, too quickly, which contributes to weight gain. Designed

and manufactured in Great Britain, it is £17.99 (plus P&P)


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