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GlucoRx was formed

in 2010, although its

Sales Director Chris

Chapman had been

with its sister company,

Disposable Medical Equipment Ltd for five

years before that. He says, "We set up

the company as we could see a way to

save the NHS money. We could do that

by bringing in products - including blood

glucose meters, insulin pen needles and

a skin care range - at a reduced cost

to the ones they were currently buying.

We wanted to bring in more affordable

products without losing quality. When we

started there were blood glucose meters

from four main companies, each of which

were charging the NHS £15 per pot of 50

glucose test strips to go with their meters.

We were able to come in and offer our

strips at just under £10 per pot."

Chapman has been with the company

since its inception, having previously

spent five years in the Royal Navy as a

Diver. He also spent 13 years as a Special

Constable, finally ending that role in

September 2016 due to work pressures,.

At that point he left the force at the highest

position possible, as Chief Officer for

Surrey Police.

From the get-go, Chapman sees the

biggest challenge he has faced was to

break into a market with an unknown

name. He recalls, "We had to establish

a brand when there were several strong

brands already in the space. No one had

heard of us, and we had no pedigree in the

market place. But the best part has been

creating a much better-known name. Our

products are now stocked in almost all

pharmacies in the UK. It's great to see our

stock on shelves almost everywhere I go

as well as on television sometimes; any flyon-the wall documentary about diabetes,

I usually see some of our products."

As with many people, Chapman has

personal reasons for being involved in

the diabetes sector. "Both my parents

have Type 2 diabetes," he says. "My

father was diagnosed 10 years ago and

my mother seven years ago. I have a

real motivation to improve the lives of

people with diabetes. I also suspect that

I'll be diagnosed with Type 2 myself. I

frequently travel doing demonstrations of

our products, performing blood glucose

tests on the meters I am showcasing to

healthcare professionals, so I know what

the score is with my own blood glucose

levels. I don't need intervention yet, but I

suspect I will do so in the future. If I end

up on injectables, at least I know a good

range of insulin pen needles and I already

know how to blood glucose test!"

A kick in time

Married with two children, Lauren and

Ryan, Chapman recently committed

to sponsoring his local football team,

Aldershot Town FC. "Most of us know

we're at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes

as we live in a world where it is on the

rise. It matters to me that my children

understand the role of diet and exercise

in staying healthy; beyond that I want all

children to have an understanding of how

to be well and stay well. That is why we

sponsored the football team. I wanted

parents - and indeed all the supporters

- to ask about why GlucoRx was on the

team's T-shirts. It would mean taking the

conversation about healthcare back into

the home. I cannot think of any better

medium to get this message across than

football. Ryan loves nothing more then

kicking a ball around on the pitch, so I'm

really pleased to be sponsoring the youth

team as well as the adult players. We

hope to really raise awareness of diabetes

and highlight preventative measures, such

as increased exercise and a healthy diet."

GlucoRx currently includes six blood

glucose meters in its portfolio, various

insulin pen needles, lancets and a new

foot care range, totaling around 30


Looking to the future, Chapman says

he wants to bring in new technologies,

probably a form of CGM or a noninvasive way to test blood glucose. "Who

knows," he muses, "We may even bring

in an insulin. It'll be whatever diabetes

healthcare needs where we can make a



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