artificial insulin pump, bionic pancreas, CGM, type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes


and further developed by Mode AGC,

a California-based early-stage medical

device company founded by prominent

diabetes technology specialist Thomas

Peyser PhD and diabetes advocate and

entrepreneur Jennifer Schneider MD.

Insulet has worked with Mode AGC and

the inventors to optimize the performance

of the algorithm for incorporation into

a commercial product. Coupled with

the tubeless OmniPod platform, this

system should deliver not only improved

clinical outcomes, but the greatly desired

improvement in quality of life for those

living with insulin-dependent diabetes.

See also the page on the 'bionic'

pancreas being developed at Boston

University (p.) and additionally an overview

of four AP trails being part funded by the

National Institutes for Health in the US (p.).

Coming soon

This probably all seems like pie-in-the-sky,

technology that is talked about but you

never get to see. But slowly people in the

UK are getting access to insulin pumps

and CGM. The latter, while not highly

used in the UK, is increasingly being used,

though many people are self-funding it

if they can't get it on the NHS. Next to

buying an insulin pump, CGM is relatively

affordable and can give a lot of insight

to someone's diabetes control, whether

you have Type 1 or Type 2. Be prepared

though, you get a lot of data and it can be

hard to see the wood from the trees, as

it were. One thing a sensor will highlight

is how sluggish insulin really is. Certainly

CGM is core to any AP system.

So, do we want, or do we need a

closed loop artificial pancreas? Clearly that

is each individual's decision; assessing

the pros and cons will be something only

you can do with input and support from

your healthcare team.

One of the upsides being promised

is that these new AP systems will require

little or no old-fashioned finger-prick

blood tests. That's probably a fairly minor

upside, how big a deal is finger-pricking?

Overtime the pain of finger-pricking wanes

next to the pain of having to stop, grab

the various bits of kit to do the test, then

put it all way again, all without spilling your

test strips in the process.

A bigger plus for those of us managing

the highs and lows of insulin-treated

diabetes is that we can realistically expect

improved glucose control, meaning lower

HbA1c results, and therefore a lower risk

of developing long-term complications.

Results from trials are all also showing

an increased amount of time spend

'in range', so not being too high or too

low which sounds reassuringly more

comfortable that feeling wobbly from a

hypo, or feeling headachy and thirsty

from being hyper. That would acquaint to

improved quality of life, though we should

not forget that despite how great this all

sounds, we would still have the condition,

and we would still have to fight for access

to these solutions until such time as they

become standard.

The 'bionic' pancreas is likely to

come out in two forms, a bi-hormonal

version and an insulin-only version, both

in the form of a iLet device. The second

hormone required in the bi-hormonal

pump, glycogen, is still undergoing

trials, as it's new and unstable in current


By the time any of these APs become


These studies aim to collect the data necessary

to bring artificial pancreas technology to the

people who need it. Results from these studies

could change and save lives." - Dr. Guillermo

Arreaza-Rubín, director of NIDDK's Diabetes

Technology Program in the US.


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