artificial insulin pump, Medtronic 640g insulin pump


continued over

was 'sensor-augmented'. Medtronic's

640g combines insulin infusion, CGM and

SmartGuard technology. This allows the

pump to suspend insulin delivery if CGM

glucose readings are low. Available in

the US and UK, one of the main upsides

of this pump, CGM and 'low glucose

suspend' is to virtually eliminate night-time

hypos and also leads to improved overall

HbA1c results. Though often modest,

such improvements are known to reduce

the risk of long-term complications as a

result of living with diabetes.

Then in November 2016, Medtronic's

latest version of it's MiniMed pump series,

the 670G hybrid closed-loop system, was

approved by the FDA and was hailed at

the time as being the first AP to have

been approved. It is intended for people

aged 14 years or older who have Type

1 diabetes. Because it operates with a

smart algorithm that learns an individual's

insulin needs and delivers appropriate

basal doses 24 hours a day, little user input

is required. Diabetics who use the system

will only have to enter their mealtime

carbohydrates, accept bolus correction

recommendations, and periodically

calibrate the sensor. Not yet available in

the UK, the fact that it's passed a major

milestone (getting approved by the FDA)

means that it's on its way. In this case

hybrid refers to the ability of the pump

to both suspend as well as to increase

insulin delivery.

STEP FORWARD. The Bigfoot artificial pancreas system.

In the loop

As well as low-glucose suspend, it

is possible to automate pumps to

automatically increase basal rates or even

give an insulin bolus. These however are

not yet available. Closing the loop will

be taking out human intervention, letting

the algorithms in the pumps decide on

whether or not to suspend insulin delivery

or increase the basal level of insulin

delivery or give a corrective bolus. Some

models are incorporating two pumps -

one to deliver insulin, the other to deliver

glucagon in case of a hypo.

Note that research into closed loop or

AP is going on globally, with much input

from JDRF in the US and Diabetes UK in

Britain. These are some trials taking place


In the US, Tandem Diabetes Care and

TypeZero Technologies have accelerated

development and commercialization

of a Closed-Loop Artificial Pancreas

System. In July 2016 Tande, a medical

device company and manufacturer of a

family of innovative touchscreen insulin

pumps, and TypeZero, a digital health

and personalized medicine company,

entered into a License Agreement

allowing Tandem to integrate TypeZero's

AP technology into a next-generation

insulin pump.

TypeZero's AP technology includes

a series of treat-to-target algorithms

developed by TypeZero from initial

research conducted at the University


Life with T1D using today's tools is unreasonable,"

says Bigfoot's founder and CEO Jeffrey Brewer,

"Therapies are too expensive, too complex, and

require intense focus and attention with little



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