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LETTING GO. The iLet 'bionic' bi-hormonal pump from Boston

University and Beta Bionics.

Closed loop means letting a CGM

sensor assess blood glucose levels,

beam them into an associated insulin

infusion pump, and allow the algorithm in

the pump to decide on what to do next

in terms of insulin delivery. That means

that the person with diabetes is not

deciding whether to increase the insulin

delivery or suspend it, the equipment is.

A fully automated system will sense rising

glucose levels, including at mealtimes,

and adjust insulin automatically.

Anyone interested - diabetics

themselves, their partners parents or

carers, the healthcare community as

well as the manufacturers of these

technologies -- need to assess the risks

involved with an automated system

that delivers insulin without human

intervention. Clinical trials do this usually in

a dedicated hospital environment, though

that is just to be on the safe side. In reality,

there's little point in any of these systems

if they won't work in a real-world setting,

so it's good to know that now trials are

increasingly working around participants

being in their normal home (and work)


The 'risk' probably sounds more

dramatic than it is. Anyone taking insulin

has to make a serious medical decision

every time they dose, whether by an

insulin shot or an insulin pump bolus and

risk having hypos as a result. For us, its

business as usual, we'd just be using a

different bit of kit.

In development

Last year, the Journal of Diabetes Science

and Technology published a report,

"Artificial Pancreas Device Systems for the

Closed-Loop Control of Type 1 Diabetes,

What Systems Are in Development?"

which was overseen by Sara Trevitt (BSc,

PhD, NIHR Institute of Applied Health

Research, University of Birmingham).

The report looked at closed-loop artificial

pancreas device (APD) systems, which it

defined as being externally worn medical

devices that enable people with Type 1

diabetes to regulate their blood glucose

levels in a more automated way. It stated

that, "The innovative concept of this

emerging technology is that hands-free,

continuous, glycaemic control can be

achieved by using digital communication

technology and advanced computer


A 'horizon scanning' review of this

field was conducted using online sources

to identify systems in development. The

systems were classified into subtypes

according to their level of automation,

the hormonal and glycaemic control

approaches used, and their research

setting. The result was that 18 closedloop

APD systems were identified. All

were being tested in clinical trials prior

to potential commercialization. It was

estimated that three systems could

become commercially available in the EU

during 2017.

As the reliability and use of Continuous

Glucose Monitoring (CGM) continues to

increase, then an artificial pancreas starts

to look like a reality, combining CGM with

an insulin pump and an algorithm that

automates the control and suspension of

insulin infusion.

The combination of CGM and insulin

pump has been around a few years now,

but only last year a pump came out that


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