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Say hEllo to Dario

From a joint Us-israeli venture, the Dario

is a very modern blood testing device. it

works with an app for your mobile phone

while the meter can slip into your back

pocket. the Dario uses an ultra-thin

lancet for comfortable blood sampling.

Each strip cartridge holds 25 strips. You

just pull out a used cartridge and insert a

new one.

the meter easily connects to your

smartphone headphone socket and

automatically syncs with your Dario

application (once you’ve downloaded it).

You have data at your fingertips -- you can

record blood-glucose results, carbs and

other food consumption. track your eating

habits, your insulin intake, blood glucose

patterns and physical activity. Your data

is saved under your username on our

cloud with easy access through the Dario

application and also MyDario website.

touch oF claSS

the new Onetouch verio iQ blood glide Control system, which precisely discreet lancing solution. the Onetouch

glucose meters with a software correction guides the lancet in a straight motion for Delica Lancing system is now available to

are now available in the Uk and ireland, controlled vibration and smooth precise patients from healthcare professionals or

following the voluntary recall of the lancing, and the ejection Control for safe by contacting Onetouch Customer Care

meters earlier this year. in-line with local and easy removal of used lancets. it also

regulatory requirements, the Onetouch has seven adjustable depth settings to LifeScan Customer Service on 0800 279

verioPro blood glucose meters are no allow for personal comfort. in a clinical 9118 (UK) or 1800 535 676 (Ireland).

longer in supply and Onetouch verioiQ study 96% of patients reported that the Lines are open 8.30am-6pm Monday-

replacements are being provided. to Onetouch Delica system was easy to Friday, 9am-1pm saturday.

find out the new meter contact LifeScan use and 76% said it was quiet, providing

Customer service (details below).

Lifescan has also introduced the

new Onetouch Delica Lancing system.

now nationally available, the Onetouch

Delica lancing device and lancets have

been specifically designed to work

together and ensure smooth and precise

lancing. in addition to the new proprietary

thin 30 gauge lancet, the OneTouch

Delica system features the advanced


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