counting carbohydrates

LIVING mAkinG cArBs counT

are high energy but slow release, which Chicken tagine with prunes

is why they are often recommended as a (Serves 4)

carb snack for sports.

Chicken quartered (or legs & thighs

California dreaming for 4)

the process of drying plums to make

1 large onion cut into rings

prunes is thought to have originated

1 large garlic cloves crushed

thousands of years ago in an area near

4 tablespoons olive oil

the Caspian sea, the same region where

25g (1oz) fresh ginger finely chopped

the prune-producing european plums

Juice 1 lemon

originated. they spread throughout

2 tablespoon honey

europe with the migration of different

10 prunes, stones removed and cut

cultures and civilizations.

into quarters

the process of drying plums to

produce prunes took hold in California,

2 tsp ground cinnamon

now the leading producer of prunes

2 tsp orange blossom water

worldwide, in the mid-19th century when

1 pint vegetable stock

Louis Pellier planted grafted plum tree

cuttings brought back with him from his 1. Heat the oil in a large saucepan

native France. among these trees were stir in the onions and cook until

those belonging to the agen variety, the soft and coloured. add the garlic

type of plum that is extremely well suited and ginger and cook gently for a minute. stir in the cinnamon and

to be dried to make prunes. tip into a tagine or casserole dish.

California is the largest producer of

prunes in the world due to the regions’

2. Brown the chicken in the same saucepan and transfer to the

rigorous harvesting techniques and quality


control assessments and contributes

60% of the world’s prune supplies. Mark

Dorman, international Marketing Director 3. Add the stock to the chicken and onion mixture in the tagine

of the Californian Prune board says, “this and stir well, salt and pepper to taste.

EFSA ruling has confirmed what people

have known for centuries and should help 4. Put in the oven on a medium heat, 190C, for about 1 to 1 1/2

people make a more informed choice hours until cooked.

about what they are eating and feeding

their families. Prunes are a healthy and 5. Remove tagine from oven and add the prunes, lemon juice and orange

nutritious and we finally have an eU blossom water. Stir well and return to the oven for 20 minutes, until the

health ruling which confirms that prunes dates are soft, and the sauce is a nice consistency.

offer a convenient way to maintain good

digestive function.” 6. serve with roasted vegetables and couscous.

For EFSA (2010) Scientific Opinion

on Dietary Reference values for this recipe was taken from the Little Orange Cookbook which can be downloaded

carbohydrates and dietary fibre click here. from


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