diabetes and needlephobia


More neat bits of kit for needlephobes...


this is a european-designed, needle-

free insulin administration system. the

InsuJet is calibrated for use with U100

insulins (those used in the Uk). the

device has been developed for diabetic

people suffering from needle phobia of for

those who prefer administration without

a needle. this is done by pressurizing

the liquid through a small orifice, which

creates a high speed jet that can

penetrate the skin and underlying tissue.

the pressure is generated by a spring,

which is optimized for subcutaneous

insulin delivery. Combined with a unique

automatic injection system, resulting in

virtually painless insulin administration.


Novopen Pen Mate

Injex30 For pen users who prefer not to see the needle,

this needle-free device gives insulin users a real the novoPen PenMate is just what they need to

alternative to using (and disposing of) needles. Of make pen injections less stressful. the PenMate

immediate appeal to needlephobics, it might also replaces part of a novoPen with a larger body

appeal to those of us who find the whole issue of which hides the needle prior to injection.

disposal of sharps to be what can best be described a simple button press triggers the PenMate

as a ‘right pain’ in itself. the skin is only penetrated by to insert the needle automatically. For needle-

an extremely fine jet of insulin – no needle is involved phobic pens users, the PenMate is highly

The Injex30 can be used with all licensed types of recommended. at the press of a button the

insulin. PenMate is triggered that inserts the needle

www.injex.com automatically.


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