Insulin pumps


Who’s who in insulin pumps...

Accu-Chek Spirit Combo

the spirit Combo pump uses two-way bluetooth wireless

technology between itself and the Combo meter, which

gives full remote control over pump functionality so boluses

can be delivered quickly and discreetly. the meter shows

the pump’s status and activity. You can check it anytime,

without having to access the pump. the meter also con-

tains a fully customisable bolus calculator.

Animas Vibe

animas (part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Diabetes Com-

panies) and share the vision to create a world without limits for

people with diabetes. Present for six years in the Uk & ireland,

since 1996 animas has been making insulin pumps designed

to give people better control over their diabetes along with the

necessary guidance and support. the latest pump is the animas

vibe with the option of Dexcom CgM sensing technology.

mylife Omnipod

the tubing-free mylife OmniPod system was created by a father of

a child with diabetes. the result is a user-friendly pump with just two

parts (an on-the-body pod and a handheld device) that has been

simplifying pump therapy since 2005. The newest OmniPod System

is designed with the feedback of users – the result is a Pod that

is 34% smaller, 16% slimmer and 25% lighter – but still features a

200-unit insulin reservoir and automated cannula insertion.

Medtronic Paradigm Veo

the Medtronic veo pump features an exclusive Low glucose

suspend capability which can reduce the risk of severe hypos but

cutting off the insulin supply if blood glucose readings go too low.

it’s also possible to get early detection of highs and lows by using

Medtronic’s enlite Continuous glucose Monitor (CgM). a large-

scale clinical trial showed that an insulin pump with CgM can

help achieve better glucose control without increasing the risk

of hypos, thereby reducing the risks of long-term complications.


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