counting carbohydrates



i with eight out of k and manganese, which support the

ten adults in the Uk maintenance of normal bones.

not eating enough Prunes are the dried version of

fibre, according to European plums. Prunes’ soluble fibre

the national Diet helps normalize blood sugar levels by

and nutrition survey, the recent european slowing the rate at which food leaves the

Food safety authority (eFsa) ruling is stomach and by delaying the absorption

welcome news for health professionals of glucose (the form in which sugar is

and provides final scientific proof of what transported in the blood) following a

generations of people have known for meal. Soluble fiber also increases insulin

centuries, that prunes are good for your sensitivity and can therefore play a helpful

digestion. role in the prevention and treatment

Registered dietitian Jennette Higgs of type 2 diabetes. The soluble fibre in

says, “For normal bowel function the prunes promotes a sense of satisfied

recommendation is that we eat 25g of fullness after a meal by slowing the rate

fibre in our diet every day, and yet 80% at which food leaves the stomach, so

of the Uk does not eat enough. Fibre prunes can also help prevent overeating See overleaf for a recipe from

comes from fruits, vegetables, salad, and weight gain. the Little Orange Cookbook

wholegrains, nuts and seeds, so it is The insoluble fiber provided by prunes

important to include a plentiful range of feed friendly bacteria in the digestive tract,

these foods in your daily diet.” which helps to maintain larger populations

Recent studies have shown that

the average fibre intake of UK adults is

currently 18.4g/day, which is 26% below

of friendly bacteria. the ability of plum and

prune to increase absorption of iron into

the body has also been documented in

“ Soluble fiber found in prunes

increases insulin sensitivity and can

the recommended dietary fibre intake of published research.

25g/day. Eating 100g (8-12) of prunes For a cup of prunes (or 100g), there’s therefore play a helpful role in the

every day as part of a balanced diet will zero fat or salt, but 30% of your vitamin prevention and treatment of type 2

provide the beneficial digestive health k needs, based on Recommended

effect and contributes 7.1g (or a quarter) Daily Amounts (RDA), 20% of your RDA


of the recommended fibre intake. of potassium, 28% of your dietary fibre

the eFsa ruling comes as a result needs, 10% of your vitamin B needs

of six years of comprehensive study to and will be only 100 calories. However,

demonstrate the beneficial effect of prunes the carb load is 64g for the same 100g,

on digestive health and brings together although it is of a low GI of 29 (so they

the total weight of evidence brought

from a series of studies concerning gut continued over

function, as a result of incorporating

prunes in the diet.

When three is five

Three prunes provides one of the five-

a-day fruit and vegetable requirements

necessary for a healthy and balanced

diet and prunes are also a good source of

potassium, which helps maintain normal

blood pressure; a source of vitamin

b6 and copper, which support normal

functioning of both the immune and

nervous systems; and a source of vitamin


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