Desang diabetes kitbags

Got everything?

Mustn’t forget my diabetic kit…

Insulin Finger pricker

Blood test strips Glucose tablets

Monitor Spare batteries

Extra syringes Spare infusion set

My Desang Kitbag


Grab it, Pack it, Go.


DESAN zine


Desang diabetes kitbags take the headache out of

we’re NO remembering all the bits of diabetic kit that you need to

ANGeLS take with you, be it on a daily basis, a weekend break,

usual is best for

But business as

diabetics at Chri


business trip or a full on expedition.

Just fill it with your kit and go.

mAkiNG uNt:

cArbS cO



We have a full range of kitbags for every occasion,

on open fires T1 and T2)

• News (for

y giveaways

cts • Groov

PLUS • New Produ

as well as an online directory of diabetes product

information (from blood test meters to insulin pumps

Sign up to our FREE and other equipment).

online magazine and get…

See our kitbags online and see

• 20% off Desang kitbags to all new


our FREE diabetes magazine or

call 0870 300 2063 for a brochure

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Making living with diabetes easier


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