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This October, sales of mushrooms reached an all-time high with UK consumers spending

more than £365 million (+3.8%) a year on them. A versatilie, vegetable it adds depth and


flavour to meals. Mushrooms now rank third after potatoes (No.1) and tomatoes (No.2)

in UK’s list of 10 best-selling vegetables, with roughly 118,000 tonnes of mushrooms What’s for Dinner? Second Helpings, helps

having been sold in the last year.The vegetable has so many B vitamins they could make raise funds for The

a tomato blush. Dr Christian Jessen, explains: “Mushrooms are an excellent source Food Education

of B vitamins which Tr u s t ( w w w.

are needed for a foodeducationtrust.

healthy diet and an com), a charity

80g serving counts dedicated to

towards one of your equipping children

five a day. Mushrooms and adults with

are especially good basic cookery skills

for anyone trying to so they can learn

lose weight given they the importance of

are exceptionally low a balanced home-

in calories and fat. cooked diet. Paul

Plus, the high levels Gayler, Head Chef at

of dietary fibre in the the Lanesborough

vegetable leaves you Hotel in London

feeling satisfied for and author of many

longer.” cookery books says,

Mushrooms are “What’s for Dinner?

available and tasty all year round, the vegetable suits popular autumnal dishes such Second Helpings is full of lovely recipes and

as casseroles, stews and pies. For hundreds of mushroom recipes along with free photographs and deserves to do well, not

downloadable recipe booklets visit least because all proceeds from its sales go to

the Food Education Trust.”

HOT TO cHOc! Consider it as a Christmas gift, as the

recipient will be able to cook delicious, easy to

prepare balanced meals for family and friends

Following ohso original probiotic chocolate onto

our shelves, now there’s ohso naturally orange throughout the year. It’s written by the charity’s

with natural orange flavouring and 53% dark founder, Romilla Arber who is mum to four

Belgian chocolate. Three times more effective at children and is not a chef, but who recognizes

delivering daily probiotics than a yoghurt drink, its also only 72 calories per bar, glu- the need to cook healthy food for her family.

ten and wheat free. It contains the optimum daily amount of probiotic to help support She says, “Everyday cooking is a challenge

digestive health to improve immunity and overall health and wellbeing. It comes in as it is about more than just the cooking - it’s

7-bar weekly packs which can be delivered to your home, or from health food stores

requires budgeting, ensuring a balanced diet,

at £3.99 for a pack of 7, 13.5g bars.

planning what to cook and shopping for it.” Nearly 800 pages long, the book costs £25

from www.foodeducationtrust.


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