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offers! saVe £10

Download data

cONTOUr NExT USB to any device

with a USB port.

The newly updated Contour Next USB blood .

test meter is normally £29.99 RRP. Click the

pic to go to the website and enter USB121DN

in the promotional code box to save £10. The

meter has advanced sensor technology and

integrated diabetes management software

and a colour screen.

Offer ends 31st December and is not available

in conjuction with any other offer.


Lifescan’s OneTouch Verio iQ is available on a FREE

TRIAL basis. The strip port lights up when you put a

strip in, you only need a ‘speck’ of blood when you

test and the results are shown on the sleek colour

screen. Its Pattern Alert Technology includes a high

and low pattern messenger.

Click the pic to visit site. Use promo code AE213


Abbott’s Freestyle InsuLinx meter has a touch-screen

and is icon-driven. You can input carbs and insulin

doses. Advanced features include a Bolus Calculator.

Uses ZipWik tabs (blood test strips, right) for easier,

faster blood application and uptake. Newly available

direct from Abbott Diabetes Care.

Click the pics to visit site.


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