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itting into the legume

category, beans are

considered a food group

of their own in Brazil.

Recent research

has linked bean intake to lower risk

of type 2 diabetes and many types of

cardiovascular disease. Further research

has shown that black beans provide

special support for digestive tract health,

and particularly colon health. Other than

in soybeans, the fat in beans is practically


Full of beans

Besides fibre, protein and other nutrients,

beans are rich in iron (which can help

prevent anaemia), magnesium (important

for heart and bone health) and B vitamins

(especially folic acid, which helps prevent

cancer, heart disease and birth defects).

So, beans are high in protein, which

fills you up, as well as being low in

calories. What they are however, if full of

carbs. First off, there are a lot of beans,

the nutritional content of which varies a

little, but in the main they average 75%

carbs, 20% protein and 5% fat.

Worldwide inspiration

A typical serving (a cup full of cooked

beans) would be – on average – about

40 carbs. Watch out for tinned, baked

beans, as they will be higher – Boston

baked beans are cooked with molasses

and salt pork, so they’re sugary and

salty. Canadians add maple syrup.


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