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Resources: books that can help you get out of depression

Emotional Fitness, Paul Bird. In this book Bird explores the science

behind the emotional/rational battle which takes place in the brain

resulting in so many of today’s emotional problems. Using a unique

model derived from the authors own coaching experiences with

clients, it examines the link between human instincts, emotions and

thoughts and provides a wealth of Emotional Fitness tips to help

people cope with the pressures of modern living.

Meditation; the stress solution, Mary Pearson. Founder of the

British School of Meditation, Pearson says: “The very es-

sence of meditation is to do with quietening the mind. We

have thoughts running through our heads every day; our

minds crammed full of things to do; work, relationships,

worries, the past, the future. We juggle all these thoughts

on a daily basis and it is no wonder that we often feel


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:

Your Route Out of Perfectionism,

Self-sabotage and Other Everyday Habits, Avy Joseph.

Principal of CCBH Joseph explains, “Mindfulness is a

form of meditation, of being aware of your own thoughts

and surroundings. You can learn the skills of Mindfulness

and put these into practise. Mindfulness helps us under-

stand the value of living in the present, instead of dwelling

on the past, and worrying about the future.”

In The Sophisticated Alcoholic, David Allen challenges traditional

treatments that perpetuate myth of self-help groups, abstinence

and a lifetime of struggle. He aims to help people fundamentally

change their relationship with alcohol with step-by-step guides to

show people how to eliminate the misuse of alcohol without the

need to wage a constant 'battle against the bottle' or chemical

medication. Therapist Allen maintains that these self-perpetuating

groups take a view of alcoholism that is defeatist, irresponsible and

wrong. His approach focuses understanding, then changing, the

root causes of the excessive drinking, negating powerful desires

rather than suppressing them.


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