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Heinz, which has been selling tinned

baked haricot beans for more than two Easy options with

centuries, have branched out with other tasty outcomes

flavours, heading to Mexico and India for

inspiration. Showing the cultural variety of bean

Back British shores, Christina dishes, the easy bean range includes

Baskerville, is the managing director of the following dishes. Carb values are

gourmet meal specialists Easy Bean. given per 100g. Some recipes use peas

She points out that beans and legumes “My mission is to show everyone or lentils -- similar to beans in terms of

come in a wonderful variety of tastes how versatile and healthy a protein and carb profiles.

and textures and are one of our most meal made with beans can be.

African Palava: A West African hotpot

important sources of protein, nutrients Beans have more fibre than

and vitamins. They are also good for and a colourful profusion of Fairtrade

many wholegrains, are virtually brown beans, free-range chicken,

the environment because they add vital

nitrogen to the soil as they grow.

fat free and are high in protein. peanuts, sweet potatoes and spinach,

Baskerville says, “Beans are eaten Our meals are as tasty as they 8.2g per 100g.

all over the world and are central to are healthy. They are low in salt New Mexican Chilli: Fairtrade red beans

traditional recipes in many continents. and are handmade in small with sweet peppers, tomatoes, spiked with

the jalapeño chilli, 8.6g per 100g.

They can be used to create really tasty batches.” -- Christina Baskerville

meals quickly, easily and deliciously. Moroccan Tagine: A hotpot of slow-

Some people think of beans as a plain cooked chickpeas, Mediterranean

vegetables, apricots and aromatic

(continued over) spices, 7.5g per 100g.

Spanish Puchero (above): Fairtrade

haricot beans, chorizo sausage and an

oak-smoked paprika from the Extremadura

region of Spain, 7.5g per 100g.

Indian Sambar: Toor Dhal peas

simmered slowly with coconut and

tamarind juice and finished with chunky

vegetables and mustard seeds, 12.1g

per 100g.

French Cuisinées: Green lentil and

sweet chestnut simmered with classic

vegetables, rosemary and thyme, 0.1g

per 100g.


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