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for little This nice, white machine from Swiss-based company Ypsomed is the Pura meter.

peeps! With no coding required, the meter switches on automatically when a new test

strip is clicked into position – and for a change, you put this in sideways. The large

illuminated display means test results are extremely easy to read (super for kids, or

the hard-of-sight). Various functions are very simple to operate using the 3-button

control system. It comes with a Softlance lancing device. The lancet can also be

changed safely and easily as the hygienic ejection mechanism means that you can

remove the lancet without touching it.

A choice silicon covers in different covers protect against damage, provide a

good grip and are stop the meter skidding around on surfaces. Uses mylife Pura

Test strips, stores 500 results and shows 1,7,14,30 and 90-day averages.

Following their young daughter’s

diagnosis with diabetes in 2010, her

parents learned how to inject her we were

allowed to take her home from hospital.

As she found injecting ( taking her ‘shots’)

distressing, they began to search for a

method to relieve the pain and following a

comment by a diabetes nurse, they found

a product called Buzzy. “We thought the

result was unbelievable, there were no

tears, no stress, and from then on Buzzy

became part of their daily routine,” says

mum Beccy Woodland. Thinking that

others should benefit from using it, they

began importing the product from the US

cold comfort

so it’s now available from £239 Anyone concerned with keeping their kit cool can consider the Nomad insulin carrier. It comes

with a car adaptor, portable

bag. The battery will

work for 12 hours in up to

35ºC temperatures and is

rechargeable. Portable and

lightweight keeps insulin

2-8ºC. Interior Refrigeration

space is 170 x 46 x 18cm

(L*W*H), weighs 540g and

costs £235.


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