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Big brands and the humble bean

Heinz baked beans were iconic even

before Andy Warhol got his hands

on them, reflecting popular culture

and everyday objects in American

life in the middle of the last century.

Tinned and pre-cooked, the beans

canned beans could sit on shelves,

which helped to make them viable

as a supermarket food, but they

were also nutritious, filling and


Beans cooked in tomato sauce

have probably been part of many

national cuisines virtually since the

dawn of humans cooking with fire,

and are still a kitchen cupboard

staple to this day, as well as being

a fully paid-up membre of the ‘full

Monty’ Great British Breakfast.

Always read the label, and aim

for low salt and no added sugar

options, but baked beans are a

healthy option in a diabetic diet so

don’t fear to p.

ingredient but it’s important not to

underestimate them. When cooked in


even quite simple recipes they can be

turned into something truly delicious.”

The Easy Bean range includes

Mexican, French, Indian, Spanish, We’ve been having fun finding our eway around Pinterest. A purely visual medium for

African and Italian recipes with a sharing information, you’re welcome to find us, follow us and stick a pin in!

different variety of bean in each pot. If Likewise, tweet us on Twitter, follow us on Facebook or see our vids on YouTube.

you’re cooking at home, you too can

take inspiration from around the world

and explore the varieties available

-- don’t just stick to French or kidney

beans. Check out turtle beans, aduki

beans, borlotti or cannellini. And what

is a good food without a national day

in its honour? As we head into the New

Year, there’s a National Bean Day on

January 6!


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