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lighten up!

Don’t let the winter blues bring you down.

Everyone knows that long, cold north people it is disabling illness that prevents a Certified Medical Device (class 1) and

European winter nights can lower your them from functioning normally without comes with two-year guarantee.

mood, but with modern invervention, continuous medical treatment. Symptoms Then there’s the Sad Light Therapy

it’s possible to maximise your potential can include lethargy, problems sleeping, Daylight Sunlight Box (about £50). This

to bring your feelings back into feeling down or depressed.

perspective. Often called the ‘winter There is a milder form of

blues’, there are steps you can take to the condition that SADA Don’t feel dogged

stop the onset and keep its progressoin estimates a further 17% by depression. Try

at bay. of the UK population have to see the brighter

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is this milder form of the side of life.

a type of winter depression that affects condition.

an estimated 7% of the UK population Light therapy has been

every winter between September shown to be effective in

and April with particularly low feelings up to 85% of diagnosed

coming in December, January and cases. This is defined as exposure for up is advertised as a means of combating

February. It is caused by a biochemical to four hours per day (average 1-2 hours) Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

imbalance in the hypothalamus due to to very bright light, at least ten times the The curved shape focuses the light for

the shortening of daylight hours and the intensity of ordinary domestic lighting. maximum effect and using 10,000 lux (a

lack of sunlight in winter. Light cues your body to produce more measure of light intensity). Can be used in

Of course there is an association cortisol, setting a healthy sleep/wake home or office.

for it – SADA (the Seasonal Affective cycle, aiding early mornings and beating “See the bright side of life” says the

Disorder Association) the aim of which winter blues marketing from Beurer, a healthcare

is far from making you feel sadder. manufacturer which has launched a new

And having SAD is no joke. For some Turn it on range of Brightlight Daylight Lamps to

A range of products now available, help with the symptoms of S.A.D. with

however one solution, referred to as three sizes of lamp being available.

‘light boxes’, are not available on the The TL40 is the smallest (pictured

NHS. Either bury from specialist retailers left). You can keep on your desk or

or look on Amazon. They are free of VAT bedside table. The intensity of light is

when used for medical purposes. SADA approximately 10,000 lux at a distance

recommends trying before buying; of 15-20 cm, giving a bright and even

several companies offer a home trial or illumination. It won’t flicker and it’s UV-

hire scheme. free. It’s 20cm x 7cm x 27cm – literally

The Lumie Bodyclock STARTER 30 a stocking filler. The TL80 comes on a

Wake-up Light Alarm Clock (retails at stand that can be adjusted and angled to

about £55) bodyclock wakes you with suit you. It’s 310mm x 255mm x 555mm.

a gradually brightening light which can The TL90 is the largest of the range, and

help you feel more refreshed and alert can be placed on the floor for use by a

through the day. It has 30-minute sunrise number of people at one time. The TL90

and sunset options, a dimmable bedside is 581mm x 337mm x 241mm. Prices

light as well as a snooze function. It is start at £29.99 for a TL40.


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