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first step is acknowledging

you have a problem. The

second step is making the

first move to help yourself.

suggested routes for self-help are listed one day at a time. from the body and stress from the mind.

below as they can be done under your

own steam. If these do not help, talk Meditation Mindfulness

to the Diabetes UK helpline, or speak Each of us has probably felt the emotion Mindfulness as a meditation based

to your GP, but do something about it. of stress at some point in our lives, and approach to self-help for a variety of

Feeling hopeless and not wanting to talk could immediately identify the cause; fear emotional problems. Anyone can learn

can both be signs of depression, so do for the future, work, money worries, family to incorporate into their everyday lives,

try to get beyond that to start to tackle conflicts, to name but a few. from coping with stress, pain or anxiety

it, even if it is just to pick up the phone When in a stress response, the mind to just becoming aware of emotions and

and talk to someone. The Samaritans is full of anxious thoughts and the body how to observe them and make changes

offer phone but also email support, if filled with stress hormones - cortisol where needed.

that suits your needs better. and adrenaline. If this emotional state

is allowed to continue for long periods

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) of time, both the body and mind can RESOURCES: Websites that

A therapy based upon a combination of become ill, leading to panic attacks, focus on having a healthy mind

basic behavioural and cognitive principles anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure

and research. CBT is thought to be effective and more serious conditions. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

for the treatment of a variety of conditions, An effective way of overcoming stress NHS Direct

including low mood, anxiety, eating is learning to become more relaxed, and Diabetes UK helpline

disorders and substance abuse. It aims to meditation is one such approach that has MIND

address and adjust behaviour modifications. been proven to support the body and

CBT tends to focus on the here and now – mind to unwind, helping to release tension

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