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The emoTionaL S

Feeling glum, a bit low, down in the dumps, got the blues?

You’re not alone. Look around and see what’s out there that

can help you. This is what we’ve found.


arlier this month there control, and we don’t like feeling that things diabetes and we often have to ‘report in’

was a National Stress are out of our control. When it comes to to our doctor too, which can sometimes

Awareness Day. You diabetes, you can feel simultaneously in make us feel like we’re failing if all our

might not have been control and out of control. You may feel readings aren’t good oens. However, it’s

aware of it – probably too out of control because of how diabetes possible to become too focused on (and

stressed to either notice or care. Feeling affects your body. It is possible to feel therefore stressed about) that level of

stressed is not a depressive state, but that nothing is in your control anymore. control. You can start to feel if you don’t

too much stress can lead you to feeling You can’t eat what you want when you do everything perfectly every day, then

out of control, and feel want. You have to take you will damage yourself.

that for long enough and It is estimated that medications or give To counteract the feeling of ‘too much

you could end up feeling yourself injections. You control’, just as with the out of control

bad. Let that happen

one in six people can start, perhaps, to feel feeling, it’s helpful to take a step back.

for long enough and in the UK will suffer that your body isn’t your Realize that you are doing the best you

you could be in danger

from depression in own anymore. can in managing your diabetes. Release

of being depressed. It To counteract that the expectation to do it ‘perfectly’. If you

is estimated that one in their lifetime, and they ‘out of control’ feeling are following your doctor’s instructions,

six people in the UK will won’t necessarily be take a step back and you are doing well and being healthy;

suffer from depression an objective look at the remember that and remind yourself of

in their lifetime, and they

living with diabetes. situation may help. You it when you start to stress about ‘doing

won’t necessarily be can say to yourself, “Yes, more’.

living with diabetes. diabetes makes me do Even with the knowledge that you

these things, but diabetes does not run have some control over diabetes, you

Taking the long view my life.” A mantra along those lines— will still be emotionally vulnerable to

As we’ve said before, living with diabetes repeated at moments when you’re feeling frustration, anger, and discouragement—

is a marathon not a sprint. You don’t get particularly out of control—can help. and that’s understandable. You may even

a day off, and you still have to get on Also, you can do a mental mind shift: all become depressed.

with the rest of life just like anyone else – these steps you’re taking to manage your

commuting, paying the mortgage and so diabetes are actually proactive, healthy Diabetes and Depression

on, you just do it with diabetes in the mix. steps. You are taking control of your If you think that you may be depressed,

This article first appeared on the condition and life as you learn how to you need to confront it, because studies

Diabetes Lifestyle website and is written thrive with diabetes. have shown that people who battle

by Matt Nilsen and works as a list of depression and diabetes together tend to

items that can build up to get you down. Diabetes and ‘being in control’ suffer more from diabetic complications.

By acknowledging them you can also try We’d all like to be in control, especially Talk to your doctor if you’re concerned

to deal with them. when it comes to having good blood about depression.

“Let’s face it: most of us like being in glucose control. Control is a big deal in Fortunately, most people who


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