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Lack of iron in the diet is a key health fail to meet recommended levels in groups nutrients, such as iron and vitamin D,

problem in the UK, according to of teenage girls, toddlers and older people.” which are often lacking in our diets.”

independent dietitian, Dr Carrie Ruxton The most recent National Diet and For more information about the role

a member of the Meat Advisory Panel Nutrition Survey (NDNS) mean intakes of of red meat as well as a choice of recipes

(MAP). “First of all it is vital to note that iron were well below the Reference Nutrient visit

iron is essential for the formation of Intake (RNI) for girls aged 11 to 18 years

haemoglobin,” she says, “which is (58% of the RNI), and for women aged 19

present in red blood cells and has the key to 64 years (79% of the RNI).

role of transporting oxygen around the Says Ruxton, “Worse still, a total

body. If iron intakes are chronically low, of 44% of 11-18 year old women

iron-deficiency anaemia can occur. The and 22% aged 19-64 years had

symptoms of this include breathlessness inadequate iron intakes from food,

tiredness, muscle fatigue, headaches thus risking deficiency. Red meats such

and insomnia. Government survey as beef, lamb and pork are nutrient dense

data indicate that some groups of the foods, meaning they provide a high level of

population have low dietary intakes of iron. beneficial nutrients in relation to their energy

These include women of reproductive age, (calorie) content (IGD 2007). Thus, red

especially pregnant women who have meat can make a useful contribution to a

high iron requirements. Iron intakes also healthy, balanced diet by boosting important


Our busy lifestyles cause havoc to our gut irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). There are

health, according to Dr Cathy Wyse from also studies showing a connection between

the University of Aberdeen, who says that sleep quality and heart problems.

sleeping and eating at regular times, and New research by the Henry Potter

ensuring you sleep in pitch darkness may Advisory Committee also reveals that a lack

help you stay slim. of sleep can have serious consequences.

Both eating and sleeping activates When 2,000 respondents were questioned

cells to release metabolic hormones. it revealed that they could behave badly due

Studies on night shift workers have shown to lack of sleep, with one in 10 saying that

that they are more likely to put on weight. they’d had had a car accident due to lack of

This could be due to the how our body sleep, and 27.7% had got into an argument

clock affects changes to genes in our liver, and said things they later regretted for the

which are responsible for breaking down same reason.

fat and glucose. Lack of sleep, changes in Such research informed Potter’s Herbals Herbals Cleansing Herbs can be used

sleep schedule, not eating at regular times Nodoff Mixture, a herbal medicine that for short-term relief of occasional

have also been shown to be triggers of promotes a good night’s sleep. Potter’s constipation.


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