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Attention: People with Diabetes

Fast, affordable HbA1c results are

available with the A1CNow SELF

CHECK system in a 2-test home kit

Fast. Effi cient. Accurate.

A quarterly HbA1c measurement, a 2- to 3-month average of a

person's blood glucose control, is a clear indicator of how well a

person with diabetes is keeping their diabetes under control. Some

people with diabetes may fi nd that carrying out HbA1c tests with

the A1cNow Self Check between routine tests may help to improve

their diabetes control. Your GP/hospital team will still need to

perform these tests for their records. If you use the A1cNow Self

Check test, you should seek support from your healthcare team -

your GP, diabetes specialist nurse or your pharmacist - for advice

on your results and any actions to take.

The A1CNow® SELF CHECK system is a fast,

easy, accurate and affordable way to measure

your HbA1c from the comfort of your own


Available online at www.bhr.co.uk or through

your local pharmacist.

With just a

simple fi ngerstick,

your HbA1c results

is provided in only

5 minutes from a

handheld device.


Join the DRWF Diabetes Dragons and take part in this

'oarsome' fundraiser rowing to the sounds of Hawaii

Five-0 at Portsmouth Harbour, with lots of other things

to do for all the family. Portsmouth Dragon Boat Race

Sunday 14th May. Prefer to stay dry, more air than water,

then jump from 10,000 or 15,000 feet at the UK's premier

tandem skydive centre in Salisbury. GOSkydive Saturday

21st May. If cycling is your thing, then take on Box Hill

and experience the Olympic 2012 challenge. RideLondonSurrey

Sunday 30th July.




Talking About Diabetes (#TADtalk2017) is an event taking

place 22 April from 9.30am-3pm at Birbeck College

London consisting of six presentations. Each presentation

will last 15 minutes followed by a 10 minute Q+A session.

Lunch will be provided. There will be TADpole activities

designed for our younger attendees, aged 8-12 yrs

(however there are only 20 places for children.


For an update on what Diabetes UK Type 1 events are on

offer this year, from quests and adventures to weekenders

and away days, for ages 8-11, 11-15, and 16-18.




Older patients seeing same GP each time 'key to reducing

hospital admissions'. Article by Alice Ross in The Guardian.



A Type 2 diabetes app,that has received nearly £1 million

in funding over three years, is being rolled out in clinical

commissioning groups (CCGs) across England.



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