My Diabetes Kit Jerry Gore mountaineer




When I caught up

with Jerry Gore

to interview

him, he was in

Thailand, so it

seemed sensible to ask, why was he

there? By Sue Marshall


I've just completed an annual

fundraiser for Action4Diabetics,

the charity I run to help raise

awareness and give support and

education to children with Type 1

diabetes in Asia. The British Ambassador

came and did a speech and 20 people

were enrolled in our Support a Child

programme. The Ambassador has

adopted a child in this program. There

were about 170 guests and we raised

just under US$30,000, so it was very

successful and as a result of this we can

double the size of our program here. So

far we have five locations across Thailand

and the charity is only two years old."

So what is his background?

I was trained as an officer in the Royal

Marines, earning my green beret in 1982.

After leaving the Marines, I'd gone into

consultancy and also running outdoor

activities, becoming a very experienced

mountaineer. It's possible that I am the

best Type 1 mountaineer in the world

based on what I've climbed. For example,

in 2015, I climbed the north face of the

Eiger. The international record for a solo

ascent is just under three hours; for a continued over

HIGH STAKES. Top right: Jerry G

under his jacket when climbing co

injecting. Above: He made it, hold

team of two it's normally six hours. I

was 54 at the time and climbed it with a

young man called Claum Muskett, 22 at

the time, and we did it in just under eight

hours. I believe I'm the first - and currently

only -- Type I Himalayan mountain guide.

I've climbed Cholatse, which is in the

Nepalese Himalayas and over 6400m

high. I took nine clients to the summit and

back with a fellow climber Maal Haskins. It

is the most technically difficult Himalayan


And what about his diagnosis?

Looking back on my diagnosis I think

I know why I got it when I did, it was

simply that I was under too much stress.

It happened on January 31 in 2001. I

was working as a freelance marketing

consultant and I had two young children

aged three and six. I was also training

and going on Himalayan expeditions.

On that particular week, I'd been on

a course for five days then ended up

working over the weekend too. I felt

exhausted when I was driving home on

Sunday night. I realized that my eyesight

was hazy. When I got home my wife, who

was once a paramedic ambulance driver,

said she thought it was Type I diabetes

after I told her my symptoms: drinking

a lot of water, peeing, weight loss, the

dodgy vision, feeling tired. It was all quite

obvious looking back. I saw my GP on

the Monday who sent me for a blood test


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