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Sir Chris Bonington (CVO, CBE, VL) is

beyond doubt most accomplished and

respected British mountaineer of his

generation. Throughout his extensive

career, he has lead numerous expeditions

to some of the world's toughest peaks,

including four ascents of Mount Everest

and the first ever ascent of the south face

of Annapurna. Bonington's leadership

credentials are unmatched and A4D was

been delighted and honoured to welcome

him as its Patron last year.

Some of the children who have joined

an A4D program in South East Asia this

year include Ice and Ern, five-year-old twins

from Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.

Their single mother cannot afford the

daily blood glucose testing they require to

survive, so A4D have committed to provide

this life saving support from now on.

2016 a year in numbers for A4D: 50,000

blood tests provided free of charge;;

2,000 hours training support for patients

and families; 15,000 insulin injections

provided free of charge; $78,750 raised

from donations (USD); 70 people have

taken on sponsored challenges to raise

money for A4D.

Take part or help support Action4Diabetics

There are often events going on to help raise money for the charity. The next one is in Europe, a Cycle

Challenge across the Italian Alps from 15-22 July 2017. An 8-day ride across the Italian Alps, there are

already a number of Type 1 Diabetics signed up but there are five places left, so if there are any keen

cyclists who'd like to come along, then take a look at this link:

MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN ASIA: The charity helps thse

children in Thailand learn how to control their diabetes.




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